Council & Government Agencies

Trusted partner for Councils & Government

Understanding and navigating the public sector’s legal landscape for employment can be daunting. As a seasoned employment law firm, we have worked with metropolitan and regional Councils across Australia to educate and confidently navigate their legal responsibilities.

As an endorsed supplier through Local Buy, and with a deep understanding of the public service sector, we offer customised, practical solutions for Councils and other Government Agencies across Australia.

How we help

Our role extends beyond legal counsel when things go wrong; we act as strategic partners and offer proactive legal advice to pre-empt and prevent potential issues.

Our comprehensive services include drafting and reviewing employment contracts, managing workplace disputes, ensuring workplace compliance, and advising on termination procedures.

The Public Service Industry has unique concerns, and our experienced team can help you with issues from workplace safety and employee rights to industrial relations.

As your partner, our expertise and experience will support you in minimising risks and promoting a safe, fair work environment for your staff.

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