Industry Associations

Supporting Industry Associations and their members

For any industry, grappling with employment law can seem intimidating. From creating codes of conduct and policies to guaranteeing adherence to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, Industry Associations especially face unique legal hurdles.

Our team has extensive experience working with Industry Associations and can simplify the process of adapting to regulatory changes. We can assist with drafting or evaluating your policies, procedures and Code of Conduct, making sure they are resilient, legally compliant, and customised to meet your association’s specific requirements.

How we help

We work with you to advocate for your members’ rights, making sure they are safeguarded at all times. This could involve representing your members in court proceedings, negotiating on their behalf with other parties, or even advocating for legislative changes that could benefit your association.

Whether drafting legal documents, reviewing contracts, representing your members in court, negotiating with other parties, or lobbying for changes to legislation, we work as your partner to support and protect your association’s interests.

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