NB Lawyers have shown us that they are true EXPERTS in their field, are prompt on responding as well as professional.

Global Interactive would ,like to express our absolute gratitude and appreciation to NB Lawyers! Our company has grown at a fast rate over the last few years. , has forced us to use more and more legal help.

For the last three years we have used a number of firms for a whole variety of reasons. Over the last 12 months we can genuinely say that NB Lawyers are the only firm we have used and will continue to use.

Out of about 20 different instances that we have used the firm, we can confidently say that we have been happy with their service EVERY TIME!

NB Lawyers have shown us that they are true EXPERTS in their field, are prompt on responding as well as professional.

I highly recommend NB Lawyers, you don’t just get a legal team on your side, you get a firm that understands your needs and over-delivers on your expectations.

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Our experienced migration team offers professional assistance throughout the entire visa process. We support you through every stage, from understanding your options to submitting your application, and advocating for you if there are any issues.

Family Visa

Partner & Family Visa Understanding the various visa options for partners and family members planning…

Student Visa

Student Visa Australia This visa is for students who wish to pursue their studies in…

Worker Visa

Worker Visa Australia Australia has a range of visa options, both temporary and permanent, designed…

Business Visa

Business Visa Australia For successful business owners, investors and senior executives who wish to settle…

Decision Review

Migration Review Tribunal Any decisions that the Delegates of the Minister (Case Officers) make in…

Other Visa Options

Other Visas In Australia, several types of visas cater to different needs and circumstances, making…

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NB Migration Law has over 25 years experience and our skilled lawyers from countries all over the world, know exactly what it is like to go through migration and live as a migrant in this country.  That’s why we are so dedicated to supporting you through the visa process, bringing awareness and empathy to the emotional strain that can often go along with making such a big life change.  We untangle confusing legalities and save you time, money, and stress from unnecessary delays. We partner with you to make sure you have the right visa for your situation and a clear migration pathway.

NB Migration offers a number of migration services:

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