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NB Migration provides personalised visa and immigration services, simplifying the often complicated and stressful immigration process for you. Whether it’s sponsored, skilled, work, partner or family visas, our team is committed to guiding and assisting you throughout the journey.

Our broad array of services is created to seamlessly steer you through the intricate details of the immigration process. You can rely on NB Migration for personalised and professional advice as you start your new life in Australia.

Your migration options

At NB Migration, we specialise in helping families, individuals, couples, and skilled professionals start their new lives in Australia with personalised service from our team of migration experts.

Experience our personalised service

Backed by two decades of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, our migration agents provide fast, accurate advice and assistance in acquiring an Australian visa.


Depend on our expert team

Our registered migration agents are experts in the laws and procedures of migrating to Australia. We can quickly evaluate your situation and provide recommendations based on current policies. We partner with you to navigate the Australian visa process and make the journey as smooth as possible.


Create a pathway to a new life

Our registered migration agents ensure you have all you need to meet the relevant visa requirements, down to the exact wording on the application forms.


We do the legwork for you

Our commitment to doing the heavy lifting for you sets our team apart as leading migration agents. We handle the complex legalities, saving you from potential frustration and delays. Rest assured, you will be kept informed throughout the entire process.

Are you looking for expert advice on your migration options? Book a free initial consultation with our experienced team. In this 20-minute consultation, you’ll meet with one of our specialist migration agents, who will help you understand your options. We know that every case is different, and we’re here to provide personalised advice.

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Our Comprehensive Services

Free Initial Consultation

In this 20-minute consultation, you’ll meet with one of our experienced migration agents, who will help you clarify your unique situation. We know that every case is different and we’re here to provide personalised advice.

Full Visa Application Service

If you are eligible to apply for an Australian visa, our professional migration agents will manage your entire visa application process – from the initial preparations to the final decision, including:

  • A detailed checklist of all documents and information needed for your application
  • Communicate with you throughout every stage of your application
  • Provide examples and templates of documents, such as statutory declarations, that have been developed over the years to ensure a high success rate of applications
  • Communicate directly with the Department of Immigration for you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free visa application process


Citizenship Application Service

Similar to our Full Visa Application Service, we provide an all-inclusive service and can handle all aspects of your citizenship application – from the initial preparations to the final decision.

Skills Assessment Service

If you need assistance with a skilled visa, our Skills Assessment service is designed to help you navigate the process. Our professional migration agents will assist you through all aspects of the skills assessment.

Application Review Service

Some visa applications are easier than others, and you may prefer to manage your Australian visa application yourself. If this is the case, you may choose to have your application reviewed by our expert team.

We offer a two- or three-stage review of your visa application.

The three-stage review includes:

  1. An initial preparation package that details the documents you need to gather, along with other requirements you might not have thought about
  2. After you’ve completed your visa application, our immigration agents will give you a report outlining what needs to be revised
  3. A final review is conducted before the application submission

This approach ensures that even if you’re handling the process yourself, you have expert guidance at every step.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Review

If your migration application has been denied, you might have an opportunity to challenge this decision with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT offers a semi-judicial review of administrative decisions made by the Australian Government.

Specifically, the Migration and Refugee Division (MRD or MR division) revisits decisions made by Department of Immigration and Border Protection officers to reject or cancel visas.

At NB Migration, we can examine your case and the reasons behind your application’s denial, and offer advice on the next steps. If you decide to appeal, we can serve as your representatives during the AAT proceedings.

Paid Legal Consultation

Are you in need of specialised legal guidance for your immigration situation? We offer a one-hour paid consultation with one of our migration agents. During this session, they will assess your situation and offer legal advice specific to your circumstances.

Federal Court Review

Certain decisions made under the Migration Act 1958, including those made by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, can be reviewed by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Our team of registered migration agents have the expertise and experience to offer insightful advice and representation for cases that come before the Federal Court of Australia.

When you’re ready to turn your Australian dream into reality, our team at NB Migration is here to help. Book a free initial consultation to find out how we can help.

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