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Employers in Australia have a range of visa options to sponsor skilled workers. Employer-sponsored visas offer a valuable solution for employers facing skills shortages, allowing them to tap into a broader pool of candidates and local businesses to benefit from the international experience of highly skilled individuals.

These visas not only fulfil immediate workforce needs but also provide a pathway to residency for skilled employees. By leveraging these visa programs, employers can bridge the gap in their workforce and bring in top talent from around the world, enhancing their business operations and contributing to the overall growth of their industry.

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This visa category offers both temporary and permanent visa options. The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482), or the TSS Visa, allows employers to sponsor skilled workers temporarily. For highly skilled workers, the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) provides sponsorship opportunities to fill skilled vacancies within businesses. There are also visas designed to attract skilled workers to regional areas.

Employer-sponsored visas can help you bridge the skills gap, tap into global talent, and fuel your business growth through diverse workforce solutions. These visas provide a pathway to residency for skilled employees while allowing businesses to tap into a broader pool of international talent.

Employer-sponsored workers encompass a range of visa options, both temporary and permanent, designed for skilled workers sponsored by employers. Temporary options enable employers to hire skilled workers, for specific occupations that are in demand in Australia.

How it works

To sponsor an overseas worker, you (the employer) must first apply for approval as a standard business sponsor and nominate the position(s) in Australia. The nominated position must be full-time and on the list of approved occupations, which includes tradespeople and professionals.

You will need to demonstrate that your business is lawful and reputable, that the sponsorship benefits Australia, and that you will directly employ the applicant.

You will need to specify the tasks, required experience and skills, and commit to paying the minimum salary set by the government for migration purposes. You also have obligations to provide acceptable working conditions.

Your overseas employee then applies for a visa to fill the nominated position, showcasing their training, qualifications, and relevant experience. They need to provide qualifications, employment references, and may undergo a skills assessment.

As an Employer, you can sponsor overseas employees for temporary periods (three months to four years) or permanent residency.

The requirements for a permanent visa are similar to those of a temporary visa, but more stringent, such as an age limit of under 45 years, which doesn’t apply for temporary visas.





General Requirements

The Employer Nomination Scheme visa has three main streams:


Direct Entry Stream

This pathway is specifically intended for individuals who have been nominated by an Australian employer and meet certain criteria, such as having the necessary skills for an occupation listed on the relevant skilled occupation list. In addition, applicants must have at least three years of relevant work experience.

Labour Agreement Stream

This pathway offers skilled workers who are nominated by their employer, the opportunity to permanently live and work in Australia. It is specifically designed for applicants who are sponsored by an employer with a labour agreement.


Temporary Residence Transition stream

This pathway is specifically for Temporary Skilled visa holders (subclass 482) who have worked full-time with their nominating employer for at least three years. Additionally, they must have formal qualifications in the relevant occupation.


Visa benefits

If your application is approved, the Employer Nomination Scheme visa will allow you to stay in Australia indefinitely for work and study purposes. This visa will also give you access to Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare. If you are granted this visa, you can sponsor your family members to join you in Australia. Once you meet the residency requirements, you may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.


How long does the application take?

For either the temporary or permanent visa pathways, your application is individually assessed, and various factors that can impact processing times.

These factors include:

  • The promptness of your responses to requests for additional information
  • The time required for conducting necessary checks on supporting documentation
  • The availability of migration program places for permanent visa applications
  • The processing time can be influenced by the duration it takes to receive supplementary information from external agencies, particularly in relation to health, character, and national security requirements



Individual Requirements

This temporary visa allows employers to sponsor approved skilled workers temporarily. Employers can nominate multiple positions for different occupations under the same sponsorship application.

In 2017 the Temporary Work (skilled) visa (subclass 457) closed to new applications and was been replaced with the TSS visa.

Under the TSS visa, applicants are generally only allowed to work for the sponsoring employer or an associated entity, unless they are exempt from this requirement.

Your employees must possess the necessary skills to perform the nominated occupation. This includes having at least two years of work experience in the occupation or a related field. These requirements ensure that the workers have the appropriate qualifications and experience to contribute effectively in their designated role. Finally, under this arrangement your employee must strictly adhere to working in the nominated occupation and are not permitted to change occupations without obtaining a new nomination.

The TSS visa is valid for up to four years, and if your employee has worked full-time at your business for three years, they may be eligible to apply for the permanent Employer Nomination Scheme visa.

Australian businesses of all sizes are increasingly experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. If you are an employer and unable to find a suitable person within Australia to fill a position, you may be able to sponsor a highly skilled person from overseas.

Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) is designed for highly skilled workers, this visa allows employers to sponsor them to fill skilled vacancies in their business. These vacancies can be filled by skilled workers from overseas or temporary residents already working in Australia.

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