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Whether you are buying or selling a business, the terms of sale will generally vary based on the industry and the specific nature of the business. At NB Commercial, we work with buyers and sellers across all industries to protect your interests now and in the future.

We can negotiate and prepare business purchase contracts for you, structure your business entities, and work with stakeholders to make the settlement as smooth as possible. If you are considering buying or selling a business, book a consultation and make sure you are protected.

How we can help

If you’re purchasing or selling a business, you’ve likely already assessed the commercial and financial implications of the transaction. It’s just as important to make sure that the terms of the sale meet your expectations, and that you fully understand the obligations and risks to you now and in the future.

As a buyer purchasing an established business, you need clear documentation regarding what you are acquiring and the key elements that give the business its value. This may include the assets tied to a business sale, such as goodwill, plant and equipment, inventory, business names, intellectual property, supply rights, and significant contracts.

Buying your business

Another important phase in the transaction is undertaking your due diligence. During this time, you can examine the business’s financials, trading history, and any other information required to confirm the business matches your expectations.

You may also consider retaining key employees or managers in the short term or long term, which can help to minimise any business disruption or even have the previous owner work with you for a handover period.

If you are retaining employees, it’s important to understand your liability around employment obligations and outstanding entitlements such as annual leave.

Our experienced team will work with you to consider every aspect of your purchase, including advising on the most appropriate business structure for now and your plans for growth in the future.

A structure that doesn’t suit your circumstances could lead to time-consuming short- and long-term implications for your new business.

Selling your business

If you are selling your business, it’s important to be able to deliver the assets on the completion date. This includes preparing all documents in advance to minimise any liability for the business after the point of sale.

Buying or selling your business is a significant financial decision, and the right advice can facilitate a smooth transaction whilst protecting your best interests now and in the future.

Our experienced team offers tailored advice based on the industry, the specific nature of the business and your circumstances. Reach out to book your complimentary consultation.

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