About Our Commerical Team

Who we are

NB Commercial Law supports commercial clients from a range of sectors, including retail, franchise, wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing. Our team of commercial lawyers brings extensive expertise in commercial and business law to provide specialised advice on transactions, documentation, contract management, and regulatory compliance.

Our approach is to work with you as partners to your business, guiding you through the evolving legal environment. We work with you to support your business's growth and changing needs. Whether restructuring an existing business or launching a new one, we can assist with contract negotiations, business structuring, and legal disputes to foster your business's growth.

“As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the difficulties that come with starting a business or new enterprise. ”

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Daniel Dash

NoBorders Law Group Director

Head of Commercial Law

Personalise approach, lasting partnerships

Our people are what sets us apart. Our team is committed to understanding your unique needs and building strong, lasting relationships. We will help you overcome legal obstacles through education, advice and strategic problem-solving, supporting you throughout the entire lifecycle of your business.

We offer more than advice – we are your advocates, trusted advisors, and dedicated partners tp help you find a way forward, even when you can’t see one.

Supporting your business to grow and thrive

At NB Commercial, we work with you at every stage of your business. Big or small, we help you to manage the complexities of your legal obligations, so you can concentrate on what you do best - running and growing your business.

Our team boasts a strong track record of effectively addressing commercial matters for businesses of all sizes.

We know that running a business comes with its own set of challenges, and we focus on delivering accurate and up-to-date legal advice when you need it. Our team is ready to assist you through every phase of your business journey.

Reach out to NB Commercial today for a complimentary initial consultation and discover how we can support your business to grow and thrive.

Our Values


What we promise is what we deliver, and we are respected for our commitment to honesty, trust and transparency.


We pursue the next great developments in our field by constantly challenging ourselves to break new ground.


We celebrate and embrace diversity, finding ways for everyone to thrive.


We take ownership of everything that we do, both as individuals, and as an organisation.


We listen to and understand our client’s needs and proactively assist. We are positive, active, inclusive and responsive to our clients.

We provide tailored legal solutions to help you find a way forward.

Big or small, our award-winning team is here to support you. We make it easy to access quality legal advice, and our services are used by individuals, companies and local governments across Queensland. No matter what your legal concern is, we have an expert on hand to help you find the right solution. We offer a complimentary first consultation to understand what your challenges are and the legal options.

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