Australia's LGBTIQA+ Visa Opportunities Open Doors to Equality and Inclusion!


Embark on a journey of acceptance and empowerment with Australia's LGBTIQA+ Visa options. Discover a land where diversity thrives, and equal opportunities abound. Explore your potential in a nation that celebrates individuality, creating a haven for LGBTIQA+ individuals seeking a brighter future. Our comprehensive guide unveils the path to inclusive visas, offering unparalleled support for your dreams. Australia beckons – embrace the freedom to be you!


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Trust Our LGBTIQA+ Friendly Visa Lawyers for Exclusive Migration Support!


Our commitment goes beyond legalities – we're bridge builders. At NB Migration Law, we celebrate diversity and break down barriers.

Join hands with us for your visa assistance, where every step is guided by respect, inclusivity, and a deep understanding of same-sex relationships.


Cheers to Inclusion!

Australia lights up in vibrant colors as its diverse visa options become a beacon of hope and acceptance for the LGBTIQA+ community.

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LGBTIQA+ Visa Options

Partner Visas

Australian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their non-Australian same-sex partners, whether married or in a de-facto relationship, for temporary and permanent visas.

The three primary partner visa categories that offer pathways for couples to create a future together:

  • Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)
  • Offshore Partner visas (subclasses 309 and 100)
  • Onshore Partner visas (subclasses 820 and 801)


The application process involves two parts, one submitted by the visa applicant and the other by the sponsoring Australian citizen or permanent resident. Both applications require comprehensive documentation, and attention to detail is key.

Assessment of partner visa applications revolves around the "4 pillars":

    1. Social aspects
    2. Joint financial matters
    3. The nature of the household
    4. The commitment and development of the relationship.

This process not only establishes legal standing but also reinforces the genuine nature of the relationship.

For those in same-sex relationships, this immigration process is an opportunity to celebrate and formalise their commitment in a country that recognises and embraces diversity.

By understanding the intricacies and being thorough in the application process, couples can navigate the path to a successful and fulfilling life together in Australia.

We Do the Legwork

NB Migration Law has over 25 years experience and our skilled lawyers from countries all over the world, know exactly what it is like to go through migration and live as a migrant in this country.  That’s why we are so dedicated to supporting you through the visa process, bringing awareness and empathy to the emotional strain that can often go along with making such a big life change.  We untangle confusing legalities and save you time, money, and stress from unnecessary delays. We partner with you to make sure you have the right visa for your situation and a clear migration pathway.

NB Migration offers a number of migration services: