Workplace rights for all visa holders working in Australia

People working in Australia, including both sponsored and non-sponsored visa holders, have rights and protections at work. These cannot be taken away by contracts or agreements.

Pay rates and workplace conditions are set by Australian law.

The Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) provides information on pay rates, shift calculations, leave arrangements and notice and redundancy entitlements.

The Fair Work Ombudsman can give you further information and advice about your workplace rights and obligations, and has workplace information translated into different languages.

Your rights and protections include workplace health and safety matters.

If you need an interpreter, you can contact the Translating and Interpreting Service.

Your employer cannot cancel your visa

Only the Department of Immigration and Border Protection can grant, refuse or cancel visas. Visa cancellation is not automatic in circumstances where a visa holder has breached their visa conditions. If you are under consideration for visa cancellation, you will have the opportunity to provide reasons as to why your visa should not be cancelled.

Helpful record keeping hints when you start working in Australia

  • keep a diary of days and hours worked

  • keep copies or records of employment details, pay slips, agreements and superannuation and tax documents.

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