Working Holiday Visa 417 & Work and Holiday Visa 462 : Pathway to Residency In Australia

Over 3 millions visitors come to Australia every year, this number has been increasing 10% each year and is due to continue the same trend. Many of these holiday makers are on working holiday visa’s or work and holiday visas. Shortly after arrival they fall in love with the weather, the activities and the people of Australia. The million dollar question here is how can they obtain a suitable visa to stay Australia and obtain permanent residency?

Please find below some tips for the pathway to obtain a temporary or permanent visa:


  • Don’t just take on any job for money, more importantly find a job that relates to your qualification or interests
  • Offer to work for free while in training to prove your ability – we can’t say this
  • If you need to take on a job for financial reason, do so. But keep your job search active for more suitable opportunities
  • Have a timetable for job seeking – e.g. walk the street in the morning and search online in the afternoon
  • Have a well prepared resume with full details of your qualifications and your abilities
  • Have the right attitude: “Yes I can” in the interview with potential employers
  • Dress to impress for the interview regardless of the position


  • Enrol in some Diploma courses that could lead to potential employment and sponsorship
  • If you already have a degree, begin the skill assessment procedure early as it takes some time to process
  • Obtain a good IELTS level by studying with a private coach
  • Have a strategy planned out as soon as you decide to stay in Australia
  • Bring a copy of your qualification, transcript and work references from your home country

The most important step that holiday makers need to do is to arrange a meeting with an experienced migration agent, as people are obtaining incorrect information from unreliable sources.

The differences between: Work and Holiday Visa (Sublcass 462) and Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)

  • 462 visas have education requirements, while 417 visas do not.
  • 462 visas require a letter of support from your government of origin (unless you’re from the U.S.), while 417 visas do not.
  • 462 visas also require evidence of functional English, while 417 visas do not.

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Happy Holidays!!!

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