Win for NB Migration Law In Challenging 187 Regional Employer-Sponsored Visa Appeal

In the realm of migration law, success often arises through persistence and expertise. Such is the case of a favourable outcome achieved by NB Migration Law, navigating a complex Administrative Appeal Tribunal process to secure a victory in a 187 Regional Sponsored Visa appeal. The case involved a franchise applicant for a well-known fast-food chain who was denied by the Australian Department of Home Affairs for a role as a retail manager. This journey sheds light on the role of thorough documentation, legal expertise, and determination in shaping migration outcomes.


A Challenging Situation

The story begins with the Australian Department of Home Affairs rejecting a 187 Regional Employer Sponsored Visa application. The decision was based on scepticism regarding the necessity of a retail manager to oversee a fast-food chain store on behalf of the owner. The applicant’s outlined duties did not align with the department’s perspective, leading to a disappointing rejection. This moment highlighted the intricate balance between visa requirements and job responsibilities.


Strategic Use of Evidence

The pivotal point, in this case, was NB Migration Law’s strategic approach. The migration team collected evidence to demonstrate the legitimacy of the retail manager position. We presented a strong business plan and compiled financial records spanning five years. This evidence showcased the role’s importance in the franchise’s success and established a clear link between the applicant’s duties and store management.



Challenging Assumptions

Central to the rejection was the department’s claim that the applicant hadn’t effectively delegated tasks, a critical aspect of visa approval. NB Migration Law skilfully dismantled this claim, using case law and a deep understanding of migration regulations to show errors in the case officer’s judgment. This underlined the essential role of legal expertise in overcoming challenges in the migration landscape.


Success at the Tribunal

The journey reached its climax when the Administrative Appeal Tribunal approved the visa nomination. The remarkable success, attributed to resilience and careful groundwork, stands as evidence of NB Migration Law’s commitment to its clients. Led by solicitor Krisztian Toth and paralegal Patrick Cassidy, Brisbane-based Team 5 demonstrated determination that redefined the boundaries of success.


Guidance for Future Applicants

For those pursuing an employer-sponsored regional visa in Australia, the case of the fast-food chain retail manager provides valuable insights. A strong business plan supported by solid financial records is crucial to establish the role’s legitimacy. Furthermore, the case emphasizes the importance of questioning assumptions, especially when dealing with intricate visa requirements.


The story of NB Migration Law’s victorious 187 Regional Employer Sponsored Visa appeal showcases the power of documentation, legal expertise, and unyielding pursuit of justice. Should you find yourself in need of assistance with a court appeal, rest assured that NB Migration Law has an expert team of skilled migration lawyers who can adeptly represent you. If you are seeking help with your employer-sponsored visa application, NB Migration Law is ready to offer expert assistance and navigate the process of Visa Application.

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