Why Business people Migrate to Australia? Better Healthcare, Solid Economy and other Top 5 reasons

From El Salvador to Australia: A business migrant’s journey


In 2021, Edgar left central America to begin a new life in beautiful Australia as a business owner under the Business Talent subclass 132 visa.


Life for Edgar was good when he decided to apply for a business migrant visa, looking for “a healthy environment” to enjoy his life. With years of successful business


As the newly-minted owner and operator of many successful businesses, the current business pumping and Edgar couldn’t have been happier.


“I was looking for a business and permanent residency options, and we found No Borders Law Group through our broker,” he recalls. “We fell in love with Australia a long time ago, for its natural beauty: the lakes and rivers; and of course the market is busy and had the potential to expand so we decided to invest. Locals are so friendly, enjoying the day and peaceful life.


Why did he choose Australia? 


Top Reasons why Business people Migrate To Australia


1) Free or Subsidised Health Care From Some of the World’s Best Hospitals

The Medicare system in Australia provides access to a wide range of health care services, free medical care in public hospitals and lower costs for prescription medicines. Certain categories of visitors, all Australian citizens and all eligible Australian residents can access these services after enrolling in Medicare.


2) The solid Economy and the Australian dollar

The Australian economy is solid and as a consequence the Australian dollar has the reputation of being one of the strongest and safest currencies in the world. For migrants coming from most South East Asian countries it is simple and affordable to send money back to their origin countries.


3) Contract enforcement

Australia gains recognition for good business practices. For example, it takes an estimated 402 days to enforce a business contract in Australia, placing the country sixth place out of 190 economies. This is much shorter than the averages for East Asia & Pacific and OECD economies, which were 581 and 590 days, respectively.


Additionally, Australia’s judicial processes also ranked highly. Australia scored 15.5 out of 18, which is much higher than the OECD High-income Group (11.7) and East Asia & Pacific economies (8.1).


4) Easy to establish a business in Australia

The Australian government is committed to diversifying business expertise and encouraging entrepreneurial talent. Therefore, the Business Innovation and Investment Programme aims to provide visas to eligible foreign citizens who want to start a business in Australia


With an average time of just two days to register a business, Australia ranks as the seventh easiest place in the world to start a business. On the other hand, the average time for the OECD High-Income group is 9.2 days. For East Asia & Pacific economies the average is 25.6 days.


According to the report, Australia is the 11th easiest place in the world to deal with construction permits, with an average score of 84.7. 


Starting a Business tips in Australia for foreigners

If you are a foreign citizen and have successfully obtained an Australian visa, you can begin to develop your business. Firstly, consider the legal and regulatory issues associated with starting and operating a business in Australia. Specifically, you should consider:

  • an appropriate business structure;
  • where your business premises will be located in Australia;
  • how you can protect your business’ intellectual property; and
  • how you can obtain the necessary licences.

Importantly, it is appropriate to seek legal advice with the legal and regulatory steps involved in the process. For example, you may need assistance choosing a company structure, securing a purchase or lease when looking for premises or obtaining local development approval.

You should also be aware of your legal obligations regarding:

  • how much tax you need to pay;
  • whether you want to employ workers;
  • how you will ensure the health and safety of your workers;
  • how you will meet the reporting and disclosure requirements set by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC);
  • maintain the privacy of your employees and confidential business information; and
  • comply with consumer law.


Our professional Commercial Law team at NB Lawyers, Lawyers for Employers can guide you through the whole process. They would be able to provide practical advice as it is prudent to understand the legal and regulatory steps involved before starting a business. Contact the team at 07 3876 4111.  


5) Free or Subsidised Education

The Australian education system provides free or subsidised primary, secondary and tertiary education. The Australian public education system has a good reputation for its high quality of students and learning methodologies – it must be noted that academic results are not the only factor that the Australian education system teaches, with equal emphasis on how students interact, learn, do in sports etc. It is a more holistic based system compared to their counterparts in various parts of Asia.


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