When do I need to take health examinations after applying for Australian visas

You and family members who apply for a visa with you might need to have health examinations to prove you meet the health requirement.

You might need to have more health examinations if you come from a country where there are public health concerns.


Permanent and provisional visa applicants

You and any family members applying for the visa with you must have health examinations.

In some circumstances, family members who are not coming to Australia with you might also need to have health examinations.


Temporary visa applicants

You and any family members applying for a visa with you might need to have health examinations.

Whether you need them, and what examinations you need, depends on:

  • the visa you are applying for
  • how long you plan to stay in Australia
  • what you plan to do in Australia
  • the country you apply from
  • any special circumstances that might apply to you
  • whether you have any significant medical conditions


Check if you need to have health examinations

Online visa applications

To check whether you need to have health examinations:

  1. Log in to ImmiAccount.
  2. Go to your application.
  3. Click on the ‘View health assessment’ link in the Applications Status section.
  4. If we need you to have health examinations, you will find a link there called ‘Organise health examinations’. There will be no link if we don’t need you to have health examinations.
  5. Click on the link and complete your medical history. 

When you complete your medical history you will be given a referral letter containing an identifier we call a HAP ID. You need the HAP ID to arrange your health examinations.

Paper visa applications

Your case officer will contact you if you need to have health examinations. You will be given a referral letter containing an identifier we call a HAP ID. You need the HAP ID to arrange your health examinations.

See more about arranging your health examinations.


You had health examinations in the last 12 months

You might not need to have all the health examinations again if you had any in the last 12 months. Your referral letter will tell you what examinations you need to take.


When to have health examinations

​Depending on the visa you apply for, it might be best to wait until after you apply for a visa to have your health examinations. 

To see which visas this applies to​ see below.


​After you apply for an Australian visa

Wait until after you apply for one of these visas. We will tell you if you need health examinations.

  • Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601)
  • eVisitor (Subclass 651)
  • Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) visa (subclass 449)
  • Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) visa (subclass 786)

If you apply for one of the provisional visas listed in the left-hand column of this table, your visa processing officer or case officer will let you know if you need to have another health examination when you apply for the permanent visa on the right.

You had permanent health examinations for one of these visas And you are now applying for this visa
Contributory Parent (Subclass 173 or 884) Contributory parent (Subclass 143 or 864)
Skilled – Regional (Subclass 475, 487 or 489) Skilled-regional (Subclass 887)
Business Innovation and Investment (Subclass 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165 or 188) Skilled-sponsored (Subclass 888)


How to Arrange your health examinations for an Australian Visa

You might receive following requests from the DoHA:

  • a list of the examinations you must have

  • an identifier we call a HAP ID

You will need the HAP ID to make an appointment for your health examinations.

​If you are unable to undergo the health examination within the timeframe requested in your Request for Health Examination letter, you should notify the Department by attaching details through your ImmiAccount.

If you have not yet lodged a visa application or have not been requested to undertake an immigration medical examination, there is no need to contact a visa medical services clinic in Australia or an overseas panel clinic at this time.​


Where to take health examinations In Australia​

Arrange your health examinations with Bupa Medical Visa Services as the migration medical services provider.

Book your examinations online at Bupa Medical Visa Services.

Call 1300 794 919 to arrange your health examinations if:

  • you do not have internet access, or
  • you need to arrange a Carer visa assessment, or
  • you need to arrange a fitness to depart or travel assessment

Where to take health examinations outside Australia 

You must be examined by one of the Department’s approved panel physicians or clinics.

A panel physician is a doctor or radiologist appointed by the department to do health examinations outside Australia at an approved clinic.

See how to contact a panel physician by finding the immigration office nearest to you.


What to bring to the appointment

When you go to your appointment, bring:

  • a valid passport
  • your HAP ID including your ‘Health Examination List’ letter or the Referral Letter provided by the Department

If you lodged an online visa application, your HAP ID is in the Referral Letter you download from your ImmiAccount when you apply.

If you lodged a paper visa application or are unable to generate a Referral Letter through your ImmiAccount, your HAP ID is in your Health Examination List letter (or the equivalent document we provided you).

The clinic will not be able to locate your case in the health processing system without your HAP ID.

Also bring:

  • your prescription spectacles or contact lenses, if you have any
  • any existing specialist or other medical reports for known medical conditions
  • any previous chest x-rays


Australian immigration health examinations is processed through electronic health processing system, eMedical.

eMedical stores information about clients having health examinations for an Australian visa application. Panel physicians and clinic staff can save your medical history, digital photos and x-rays and your examination results to eMedical, removing the need for paper-based examination reports. Health information submitted via eMedical reaches the Department instantly, avoiding the delay of sending paper-based reports to Australia.

To find an clinic near you that uses eMedical, look for the eMedical logo eMedical logo next to the clinic’s name on our offices and locations page.

Anyone with a HAP ID can use eMedical to see if and when their examination results were submitted to the Department. If you submitted a paper application, use this link to access eMedical client.

If eMedical is not available at the examining clinic

If you are having your health examinations at a clinic that does not use eMedical, download and print the forms below and bring them to your appointment.



You are responsible for paying any costs to do with your health examinations, including the cost of:

  • the examining physician or radiologists
  • any special tests, investigations or treatment needed
  • any specialists you need to see
  • courier fees


What you do not have to pay

You don’t have to pay for your health examinations if you are an accepted Refugee or Special Humanitarian Program applicant (subclass 200, 201, 202, 203 or 204). If your application was lodged under the Community Proposal Pilot, the Approved Proposing Organisation is responsible for paying any costs associated with your health examination.

The cost of health examinations outside Australia varies from country to country. But you can expect the costs will be similar to those you would pay locally for a comprehensive examination or report by a qualified medical practitioner. Contact the clinic before your appointment to ask about the cost.


If you do not have a valid passport

Ask your case officer for advice if you have already been requested to do health examinations and don’t have a valid passport.

We will accept one of these combinations of documents as an alternative to a valid passport:

  • a National Identity Card and a photocopy of your passport photo page, certified by us or by an Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC)
  • a referral letter listing your examinations and a copy of your passport photo page certified by us or an AVAC
  • a referral letter listing your examinations and a photograph attached together with stamp/seal from us
  • a National Identity Card and a referral letter listing your examinations

We only accept National Identity Cards from these countries: 

  • Albania
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium
  • Bosnia
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • China (where verified by ID5)
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Egypt
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
  • Kosovo
  • Kuwait
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Montenegro
  • Netherlands
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Russia (Russian internal passports are considered equivalent to a National Identity Card)
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

If you can’t provide acceptable alternative documents

We might accept other identity documents if you don’t have a passport or other approved alternative document. But you must contact your visa processing officer for advice before you make an appointment to have your health examinations.

Permanent visa applicants who have a family member who is not migrating to Australia must provide at least 2 forms of identification. At least one must include a photograph such as:

  • a birth certificate
  • school registration documents
  • a student card


After your health examinations

After your health examinations, the panel physician who examines you:
  • records the results, and 
  • makes a recommendation to us about your health status

The panel physician will not tell you whether they think you meet the health requirement.  The panel clinic submits the results and recommendation to us for assessment. You will either:

The MOC might ask you to:

  • provide more information
  • have more health examinations



If you used My Health Declarations, we will not tell you the outcome of your health examinations until you apply for a visa. You will be able to see information about your health assessment processing in ImmiAccount if you applied online by clicking ‘View health assessment’ in the ‘View application status’ section.

We cannot tell you anything about the results of your health examinations until the panel clinic has submitted them. The panel clinic can tell you if they have submitted your health examination results to the department.

Contact the visa officer assigned to your case if you have any questions about your health examination results after your health examination has been submitted.



Your case may be cleared without referral to a MOC if your results show you have no significant health conditions. 

If your case is referred, the MOC will assess it and let us know if:

  • you meet the health requirement, or
  • you will meet the health requirement if you sign a health undertaking, or
  • you don’t meet the health requirement

If you don’t meet the health requirement, we will not grant you a visa unless a health waiver is available and exercised.



The results of your health assessment are usually valid for 12 months. If we ask you to sign a health undertaking, they are valid for 6 months.


More health examinations

Depending on our assessment of your health, we might ask you to have more health examinations. Your visa processing officer will let you know after you lodge your visa application. 


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