Visas For Hong Kong Citizens On The Rise And Australia Wants More


We are excited to see the amount of skilled worker and business Australian visas for Hong Kong citizens rise dramatically in the 2021 financial year. The numbers showed a 210% increase in visas for Hong Kong migrants over the previous year, rising from 1,391 to 4,312. That means Hong Kong citizens converting into permanent migrants now make up 3% of the total migrant intake into Australia (up from 1% in the previous 12 months).


New Visa Pathways Hong Kong Citizens

Hoping to continue this upward trend, the Australian Government has introduced two new visa pathways in early 2022, providing a way to permanent residency from temporary visas. The 191 Hong Kong regional stream is for applicants already on 457, 482 and 485 visas and have lived in regional Australia areas for 3 years. The 189 Hong Kong skilled independent visa applies to 457, 482 and 485 visa holders who have been living in Australia for 4 years. Both are directly targeting Hongkongers for permanent residency in Australia.


How The Fondness Of Hong Kong Migrants Began

This focus on helping Hong Kong citizens started in mid-2020 by the Morrison government when the Chinese authorities implemented the National Security Law (NSL). At the time over 12,000 citizens of Hong Kong in Australia were given safe haven visas with many of the recipients being students. Since then, there has been an effort to speed up visa processing times along with more support initiatives. There was also a concerted effort by Home Affairs to increase the number of Hong Kong business investors coming into Australia.


The Push For Hong Kong Business Investors & Global Talent

The number of Hong Kong citizen Business Innovation and Investment visas into Australia exploded in FY 20-21. Ten times more 188 visas were granted than in the previous year with more than 20 times more Global Talent visas granted compared to the previous period.

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The Appeal Of An Australian Visa For Hongkongers

Australia lives on Asia’s doorstep and when it comes to relocating partners and families, Australia is an excellent choice. The quality of education is a big factor with schools playing a major part in where migrants want to live. And lets face it, our lifestyle and stable society only helps to increase Australia’s desirability.


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