Updated Requirements For Leaving and Entering Australia

In a positive sign that we are moving on from the pandemic, the department of Home Affairs has released an updated list of requirements for entering and leaving Australia. Thankfully many restrictions that were brought in during the last two years have been eased. These new rules came into effect on July 6, 2022.


When coming into Australia:

  • People no longer need to show evidence that they are vaccinated
  • Digital Passenger Declarations or Maritime Travel Declarations are no longer needed
  • People who are unvaccinated no longer need a travel exemption to be allowed to enter Australia

For flights coming into Australia masks are still required.

For people needing a visa always make sure that the visa is granted before travelling to Australia.


When leaving Australia:

  • Travellers leaving the country will no longer be required to provide evidence of vaccination status
  • Note that other countries might have different entry requirements.

Note that vessel operators and each state and territory of Australia have their own specific requirements. Travellers will need to be aware of all these requirements before travelling. Travellers may be required to get a COVID test or fulfill other vaccination requirements to visit some places or work in some industries.


All Australians can access free COVID-19 vaccinations. International travellers can access Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination program.

During the pandemic many changes were made to visa application processes, categories, waiting periods, fees, refunds and concessions. To get the help you need with understanding and meeting visa requirements talk to the friendly team at No Borders Law Group – a way forward to greater opportunities.



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