Unlocking Your Business Potential with Labour Agreements to Hire Talented Individual

Labour agreements in Australia allow businesses to hire offshore or onshore skilled overseas workers, depending on their business needs. Hiring skilled workers from overseas can benefit businesses by addressing labour shortages and filling skill gaps in the Australian labour market. These agreements provide opportunities for businesses to sponsor overseas workers for temporary or permanent residency in Australia under various visa programs, such as the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, Employer Nomination Scheme visa, and Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa.

Labour agreements are generally valid for five years and may have concessions available based on the visa subclass and designated regional location of the business. Some examples of industries with industry labour agreements in Australia include the on-hire industry, restaurant (premium dining) industry, horticulture industry, dairy industry, fishing industry, meat industry, pork industry, advertising industry, and minister of religion industry. However, businesses seeking a labour agreement may need to receive endorsement from relevant industry associations or organizations and meet specific requirements, such as holding the most senior Minister of Religion position in the religious organization.


It’s crucial for businesses to comply with the guidelines and requirements set forth by the Australian Government when seeking a labour agreement and sponsoring overseas workers. While immigration policies provide guidance, they are not legally binding, and seeking professional advice, such as from NB Migration Law, can ensure that businesses follow the correct process and meet all necessary criteria.


6 Essential Steps to Secure a Labour Agreement with the Australian Government:

  1. Identify the appropriate labour agreement for your business needs.
  2. Review and ensure eligibility criteria are met.
  3. Demonstrate genuine efforts to hire onshore/offshore workers.
  4. Seek professional assistance from a skilled Migration Agent to assist you with the application to develop a compelling business case.
  5. NB Migration Law provides comprehensive support for labour agreement application lodgement with the Department of Home Affairs. Our expert team offers assistance in submitting the application and liaising with the department on behalf of your business and makes sure to provide accurate and complete documentation.
  6. At NB Migration Law, our team ensures you stay updated on your application progress and proactively follows up with the Department of Home Affairs as needed, keeping you informed throughout the process.


Labour agreements offer businesses the opportunity to hire skilled overseas workers to fill critical roles in their workforce. By understanding the specific terms and conditions of the Labour agreement, seeking professional assistance, and complying with immigration requirements, businesses can benefit from hiring offshore or onshore skilled overseas workers to meet their business needs.

NB Migration Law offers comprehensive support for businesses seeking to sponsor overseas employees by assisting with lodging applications for labour agreements or employer-sponsored visas if needed. Our team of experienced professionals can help businesses understand the specific requirements and conditions of the labour agreement they are seeking. Each agreement is tailored to the unique needs of the employer, and our expertise ensures a smooth and successful application process.

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