The Top 5 Reasons You Should Migrate to Adelaide

Do you want to move to sunny Brisbane where the weather is always hot and the world famous beaches of the Gold Coast are just a stone’s throw away? Or do you want to move to Sydney, the New York of Australia, where life is lived in the fast lane? Or maybe you want to move to cultured Melbourne where you can enjoy some fine dining and the theatre? But, the city you probably haven’t even considered moving to is Adelaide – the secret gem of South Australia. Below we list the top reasons why Adelaide is the best city to migrate to!

1. It’s the Hidden Big City of Australia
The number one assumption about Adelaide is that it’s a small city – but this simply isn’t true. Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia and is actually the 5th largest city, population wise, in Australia! Sure the other capital cities; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth; may have larger populations than Adelaide, but a population of over 1.3 million is still pretty sizeable.

A population this size means you still get all the convenience of the big city! Adelaide has many fine restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, and attractions on offer. The city will keep you entertained all year round!

2. More Affordable Living
If you’re looking to buy a house on a budget, Adelaide is most definitely the way to go. The current median house price for metropolitan Adelaide is $480,000. Considering you would be forking out around 830,000 for a house in Sydney, Adelaide’s house prices are quite reasonable!

3. Adelaide is Less Than an Hour Away from Wine Region
Surrounding Adelaide are three word-class wine regions: Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills, and McLaren Vale. The valleys are the perfect weekend destinations. You can explore the luscious green vineyards and get a breath of fresh air; you can sit at a local cafe and eat the delicious fresh produce on offer; and of course you can head on down to the wineries and taste those award-winning wines.

4. But it’s Even Closer to the Beach
Adelaide offers the absolute best mixture of city-beach living. Gorgeous Glenelg Beach is just a tram ride away from the city centre and is the perfect place for a swim. Travel a bit further south and you can do some fishing at the peaceful Brighton Jetty. If you’re willing to travel a bit further, Port Noarlunga is just an hour’s drive outside of Adelaide. The Port is renowned for its ocean boardwalk that leads right into the reef. It’s the best place to snorkel and explore the ocean’s wildlife!

5. Adelaide is STILL Classed as a Regional Area
Even though Adelaide is a major Australian city – it’s still classed as a regional area! This is great news for migrants as you can still live that big city life in a regional area. If you’re a skilled worker who wants to migrate to Adelaide, you can do it under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – the 187 Visa. Under this scheme South Australian employers can nominate a skilled migrant for a permanent or temporary visa. These visas are also priority-processed; which means you’ll get a decision from the government much faster than any other visa!

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