Top 7 Benefits : Why you should migrate to Australia

Migrating to Australia is becoming an attractive option for more and more people.

Many people from South East Asia, the UK and South Africa have moved to Australia for various reasons with many of them having heard from friends living already in Australia that the country provides many good opportunities


Over the past century, one of the most defining trends has been globalization and the increasing migration associated with it. Multiculturalism has become a defining feature in many of the world’s economies with Australia. In 2016-17, Australia demonstrated a net overseas migration gain of 262,500 persons, a rise of 27.3 percent compared to 2015-16.


Listed below are the main reasons and relevant reasons to make the move to Australia.


1)The quality of life in Australia is amazing

This is a phrase we often hear bandied about when people are looking at the benefits of living in Australia, most especially by British, American and South African expats.


It’s a combination of things which together make up a fabulous way of living that can’t be compared to other countries including:

Amazing weather,

– The climate in Australia is temperate overall;

The outdoor lifestyle

– Incredibly appealing about a life lived outside and in Australia. No matter whether you’re into swimming, surfing, sunbathing, beach volley ball, picnics, BBQs, partying or finding peace and tranquillity, there is sure to be a beach for you. There are markets, outdoor concerts and film showings, sporting activities, hiking and cycling to name but a few.

Higher miminum wages

– Australia had the highest minimum wage in the world in 2019 and Australia’s minimum wage lifts to $20.33 per hour

What does it mean mean when speaking of the great job opportunities in Australia? Most particularly, we’re talking about the higher pay, shorter hours and skills shortages in particular areas which are short for well qualified people to come out and fill.

Few nations can really match Australia’s impressive appeal to qualified overseas workers, which has a dramatically low unemployment rate. The country is aggressively accepting migrants with job skills to fill their many job vacancies and contribute to the nation’s economic prosperity.


3)Healthcare benefits

Citizens enjoy the right to healthcare. Permanent residents in Australia have the benefit of a government-run health insurance scheme called ‘ Medicare which provides free medical treatment at discounted rates in government hospitals and medicines.


Upon the lodgement of your permanent visa application, you become eligible to enrol in Medicare and gain access to the all-inclusive Medicare health coverage. Medicare provides free treatment at public hospitals, access to subsidised services and medicine, cheaper health insurance and bulk billing.


Permanent residents can get free treatment at government hospitals as well as subsidized medication through this.


4)Own a spacious house with your own private swimming pool

Properties are much larger in general and they usually come with the added bonus of a separate laundry room for your washer and dryer; very convenient.


Some homes have large verandas which make excellent extra relaxation space for warm summer evenings and of course, you might be lucky enough to have a house with its own swimming pool


5)Quality Living Standards

The nation boasts a higher-standard housing. Nonetheless, it’s pretty affordable to equate the same with other similar nations. Schools, hospitals and public transportation in the country display the exceptionally high standard of living enjoyed by those who live in the country.


6) Pathway to Citizenship

All permanent residents can eventually qualify to become an Australian citizen. A big advantage for migrants moving to the country is the fact that Australia recognises dual citizenship and that children born to permanent residents in Australia can apply for citizenship even if their parents don’t yet qualify.


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