Top 6 Tips Leading to A Success Grant of Australian Partner Visa



Partner visas have been increasingly popular in Australia with thousands of applicants each year. The application process can be a difficult and confusing process, and applications are often rejected due to inaccurate or misguided information. It is essential to provide the correct evidence to prove your relationship is genuine and meets the Australian migration regulation.


1. Understand which visa you are eligible for


If you have a Partner who is an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or eligible New Citizen, you may be eligible for this visa. There are two types of Partner visa:


Subclass 820 – Temporary


The first step towards obtaining a permanent Partner visa is to be granted an 820 visa. The 820 visa allows you to live in Australia for two years temporarily.


This visa allows a de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen,  Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, to temporarily remain in Australia.


Applicants must be in Australia while applying for this visa, and both partners must be in Australia.


Subclass 801 – Permanent


This visa is for people who are currently on a Temporary Partner visa (subclass 820) and can prove their relationship has been ongoing for more than two years.


This visa allows a de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, to permanently remain in Australia and apply for citizenship once they meet the residence requirements.


It is important to understand and check the eligibility of your visa choice before making any decisions.


2. Make your relationship known to your family and friends


Two or more of your friends and family need to complete a form 888 as a witness of your relationship. Further evidence should be provided including letters of support from your families, images of you and your partner together at social events, or in your home together.


3.Communicate with your partner regularly


It is extremely important to communicate and speak with your partner on a regular basis and keep record the history of your conversations (e.g. letters, texts, or via social media), especially if you’ve been in a long-distance relationship. This evidence will assist in proving the seriousness and level of commitment you have to each other.


4.Don’t assume your visa will be granted


No application is guaranteed success, regardless of whether you are married or have a registered relationship. Your relationship will be judged on your ability to demonstrate commitment and genuineness through your evidence. This is why it is critical that you submit a range of accurate and truthful evidence to support your application.


5.Combine or share your finances


The Department will look at the financial evidence as a key factor in determining the genuiness of your relationship. So, it is critical to demonstrate how you and your partner share and manage your money as a couple. Opening a joint bank account and both transacting money in the account is the best way to demonstrate this. That bank account can be used to pay for groceries, rent, and other expenses. If you can’t register a joint bank account, evidence of money transfers between your and your partner’s accounts can be provided.


6.Reside together


The visa applicant and sponsor must live together or not reside separately and apart on a permanently. It is essential to demonstrate you live together, or have valid reasons why you are temporarily residing apart (e.g. working on deployment, medical reasons etc). This can be done by having mail sent to the same address to show that you and your partner live together.


Why seek professional guidance from a Migration Agent or Migration Lawyer?


Partner visas can be extremely complex to understand and require lots of evidence, and it is strongly recommended you seek professional assistance from a qualified Migration Agent or Migration Lawyer to avoid your visa being rejected due to errors. Each relationship is different and has its own dynamics and this is why it is crucial to engage a qualified professional who understands the legal requirements of applying for an Australian Partner visa.


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