Top 5 tips for Australian Partner Visa Relationship Statements

What Is an Australian Partner Visa?

The type pf partner visa that applies to you will depend on your individual circumstances, predominantly in relation to the nature of your relationship, and whether you are located onshore or outside Australia.

  • if you are married to, or are in a de facto relationship with, an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, and you are onshore when lodging visa application, you may be able to qualify for a Subclass 820/801 Partner visa.
    • This is a combined application for a temporary and permanent residence visa.
  • if you are outside Australia when lodging the visa, the equivalent offshore application is the Subclass 309/100 Partner visa.


How to prove relationship with your partner

If you are married, provide your marriage certificate or other evidence that your marriage is valid in Australia.

If you are a de facto partner, provide proof of your de facto relationship.

This proof should show that:

  • you have a mutual commitment with your spouse or de facto partner to the exclusion of all others
  • your relationship is genuine and continuing
  • you either live together or don’t live permanently apart
  • you are not related by family


Top 5 tips for Australian Partner Visa Relationship statement

Include in writing about:

  • how, when and where you first met
  • how the relationship developed
  • when you moved in together, got engaged or married
  • what you do together
  • time you spent apart
  • significant events in the relationship
  • your plans for the future


Show us how you and your partner share financial matters. You could provide:

  • joint mortgage or lease documents
  • joint loan documents for major assets like homes, cars or major appliances
  • joint bank account statements
  • household bills in both names

Your household

Show us how you and your partner share domestic matters. You could provide:

  • a statement about how you share housework
  • household bills in both names
  • mail or emails addressed to you both
  • documents that show joint responsibility for children
  • documents that prove your living arrangements

Social matters

Provide evidence that others know about your relationship, such as

  • joint invitations or evidence you go out together
  • proof you have friends in common
  • proof you have told government, public or commercial bodies about your relationship
  • proof you do joint sporting, cultural or social activities together
  • proof you travel together


Show us how you are committed to a long-term relationship with each other. You could provide:

  • proof you have knowledge of each other’s background, family situation or other personal details. 
  • proof you have combined your personal matters
  • the terms of your wills
  • proof you stay in touch when apart

Additional proof of a de facto relationship

In addition to documents proving your relationship, show us you have been in your de facto relationship for at least 12 months before you applied for this visa.

If you haven’t been in the relationship for 12 months, tell us in writing why the 12-month requirement does not apply. For example:

  • provide evidence you have registered your relationship with an Australian births, deaths and marriages agency, or
  • explain any compelling and compassionate circumstances exist to grant the visa


How to include Dependants under 18 in Australian Partner Visa application

For every dependant under 18 years old who is applying with you provide:

  • identity documents
  • proof of your relationship with your dependant, like a birth or marriage certificate
  • character documents, if the dependant is 16 or 17 years of age
  • adoption papers or parental court orders, if applicable
  • proof of enrolment at school, college or university, if applicable
  • proof of sole custody, if applicable


How to include Dependants over 18 in Australian Partner Visa application

To include your child who is over 18 in your visa application, they must be:

  • over 18 years of age but not yet turned 23, and dependent on you or your partner, or
  • over 23 years of age and unable to earn a living to support themselves due to physical or cognitive limitations and dependent on you or your partner

If your child is likely to turn 23 while your application is being processed, you will need to provide evidence they are dependent on you due to disability.


  • identity documents
  • documents about their other relationships, if applicable
  • character documents

You must also provide proof the child is dependent on you:

  • proof of your relationship with the dependent such as a birth certificate or adoption papers
  • a completed Form 47a Details of a child or other dependent family member aged 18 years or over 
  • proof of financial dependence such as bank statements, money transfers and rent receipts

If the child is aged 23 or is likely to turn 23 while your application is being processed, you must also provide a report from a qualified medical practitioner that states they are dependent on you or your partner due to the total or partial loss of their bodily or mental functions.


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