Things to do on a rainy day in Australia

Australia is known for its sunshine, beaches and all sorts of outdoor activities, but just like everywhere else we get our rainy days. However, these days don’t need to ruin your plans! This list of some great rainy day activities in Australia will keep you entertained no matter where you are in Australia:

  • Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour – both fascinating and spooky, tours of this gaol will have you on edge as you learn about the history of the site and some interesting tales about what has happened within the walls over the past 148 years.
  • The Comics Lounge, Melbourne – with comedy shows on 6 nights a week this lounge is bound to have you laughing away the miserable weather with acts from all over Australia with some international acts featured as well.
  • The XXXX Brewery in Milton – just down the road from our head office lies a Queensland beer icon. This beer is not subject to the weather outside so you can sample some great beer and learn how it’s made, whilst enjoying the pleasant atmosphere indoors on any given day.
  • Wildlife Sydney Zoo – completely indoors, this is an attraction for all ages with plenty of wildlife to get acquainted with on rainy days.
  • iFly, Gold Coast – for those who are feeling nimble, check out this indoor skydiving venue allowing you to enjoy the thrill, without having to go up into the sky. This makes for a great way to avoid the rainy weather outside.

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