Supports, Concession and Health Care benefits available in Australia

The type of support, concession or health care you can get depends on your situation.


Payments for people living with an illness, injury or disability

There are payments and services to help if you’re ill, injured or have disability.


Payments for people 16 and older

If you’re 16 or older you may be eligible for the following payments.

Disability Support Pension is a payment for people with a permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that stops you working.

JobSeeker Payment is an income support payment if you’re between 22 and Age Pension age and looking for work. It’s also for when you’re sick or injured and can’t do your usual work or study for a short time.

Youth Allowance for job seekers is an income support payment if you’re 21 or younger and looking for work, or temporarily unable to work.

Mobility Allowance helps with travel costs for work, study or looking for work. You may get it if you can’t use public transport without help because of disability.

The Pensioner Education Supplement (PES) is a regular extra payment to help with study costs. If you get PES, you may also get a one off Education Entry Payment.


There’s extra support available to help you find a job, study or train.


Read more about disability support.


You may also be able to get extra payments to help with the cost of living such as:


You can use our Payment and Service Finder to help find payments you may be able to get.


Read about the Medicare payments and other health care services that can help you with the cost of:

  • health services
  • prescription medicines
  • medical equipment.


Payments for children

If you’re younger than 16 you may be eligible for 1 of these payments.

Child Disability Assistance Payment is an annual payment. It helps parents with the costs of caring for a child with disability.

Youth Disability Supplement is an extra payment for young people with disability who are getting an income support payment.


Other government and community support services

There are other organisations that can help you if you’re ill, injured or have disability. You can use Payment and Service Finder to find help close to your home. This includes mental health services near you if you have depression, anxiety or stress.

The MoneySmart Budget planner can help you work out where your money goes.

Better Start for Children with Disability helps with early intervention services for children with disability.

Disability Services Australia has advice on employment and community support services for people with a disability.

healthdirect has advice on health and wellbeing.

JobAccess offers help and workplace solutions for people with a disability looking for work and their employers.

National Disability Insurance Scheme helps people with significant and permanent disability, including their families and carers.

Helping Children with Autism package helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, including their families and carers.


Payments for students and trainees

We give eligible students, trainees and Australian Apprentices financial help with everyday costs of living and some study expenses.


Main payments for students

If you’re studying, training or doing an Australian Apprenticeship, you may get 1 of 4 main payments.

Youth Allowance for students and apprentices is financial help for students and apprentices aged 24 or younger and either:

  • studying full time
  • doing a full time Australian Apprenticeship.


Austudy is the main income support payment if you’re 25 or older and a full time student or Australian Apprentice.

ABSTUDY is financial help for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and Australian Apprentices.

Assistance for Isolated Children is a group of payments for parents and carers of children who can’t go to a local state school. This could be because of geographical isolation, disability or special needs.


Other payments and support for students

You may get extra help if you’re a student, trainee or an Australian Apprentice.

Education Entry Payment is a yearly payment you get when you start study and get certain income support from us.

Pensioner Education Supplement is a payment to help with study costs if you get certain income support payments.

Student Start-up Loan is a voluntary loan you can get up to twice a year if you’re an eligible higher education student.


Help if you’re moving to study

Fares Allowance helps with travel costs between your permanent home and place of tertiary study. To be eligible you must get certain payments from us.

Relocation Scholarship is a once a year payment if you get Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY. You must also move to or from a regional or remote area for higher education study.

Tertiary Access Payment helps with the cost of moving from an outer regional or remote area for tertiary study.


Help with living costs

You might also get payments or assistance to help with your living costs.

Rent Assistance is an automatic payment if you pay rent and get certain payments from us.

Low Income Health Care Card is a card to get cheaper health care and medicines if you’re on a low income.


Help while studying if you have a disability

Youth Disability Supplement is a payment if you have a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability and get income support payments.


Find out what you can get

You can find out what payments and services you may be eligible for using our:


More help and information for students

You can also get information and help from local organisations. Use Payment and Service Finder to find assistance in your local area.


Information about Australian Apprenticeships and tertiary study

Australian Apprenticeships provides information and resources about Australian apprenticeships and the support available.

My Skills is the national directory of Vocational Education and Training (VET) organisations and courses. It lets you search for and compare courses and providers.

StudyAssist provides information for students about Australian Government help for tertiary study, including information about subsidised fees and government loans. The website also has information about VET Student Loans.


Help with mental health issues

If you’re experiencing depression, anxiety or stress, you may find it helpful to talk to somebody about your mental health.

You can talk to a social worker about your situation. You might get a payment from us if you’re experiencing a crisis or need special help.

headspace is the national youth mental health foundation and helps young people who are going through a tough time.


Help with managing your money

It helps to do some financial planning if you’re a student in:

  • high school
  • TAFE
  • university
  • a private college.

Take the stress away for your costs of travel, study and tools and have a budget in place. Read about how to manage money while you study or train.

MoneySmart also has tips to help students manage their money on the studying section of their website.


Concession and health care cards

Concession and health care cards can get you cheaper health services and medicines.


Commonwealth Seniors Health

You can get a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card if you meet all of the following. You:

  • have reached Age Pension age
  • are an Australian resident and live in Australia or you hold a special category visa
  • can’t get a payment from us or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • meet the income test.


Ex-Carer Allowance (Child) Health Care  

You can get an Ex-Carer Allowance (Child) Health Care Card if you meet all of the following. You:

  • are between 16 and 25
  • are a full time student
  • are an Australian resident and live in Australia or you hold a special category visa
  • had a Carer Allowance Health Care Card on the day before you turned 16.


Foster Child Health Care  

You can get a Foster Child Health Care Card if you’re a foster carer or care for someone else’s child. You must also meet both of these conditions:

  • be an Australian resident and live in Australia
  • hold a permanent visa or a special category visa.

Your foster child must live with you as long as you hold this card.


Health Care  

You can get a Health Care Card if you:

  • live in Australia
  • get some payments or supplements from us
  • meet the age rules of the payment you get.


Low Income Health Care  

You can get a Low Income Health Care Card if you’re either:

  • 19 or older
  • younger than 19 and are independent
  • younger than 19 and eligible for Family Tax Benefit.


You must be an Australian resident and live in Australia, or hold 1 of the following visas:

You must also meet an income test.


Pensioner Concession  

You can get a Pensioner Concession Card if you get:


You’re also eligible if you’re 60 or older and for more than 9 months have been getting 1 of these:


Or, you have a partial capacity to work and you get 1 of these payments:


Other support

Other organisations have support services and information you may find helpful. 

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has a concession card for those who are eligible.

Visit the website for details about state and territory governments Seniors Cards.


Read about concessions available in your state or territory on their websites:



Payments or supplements include:


Information source: 


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