No Borders Law’s Success in obtaining Subclass 309 Partner Visa Grant for Applicant from Sierra Leone

The process of obtaining an offshore Partner Visa Application Grant for subclass 309 can be long and arduous for applicants from all backgrounds, but many applicants from African and Asian countries, often face even longer processing times. Typically, the processing time for this type of visa ranges from 15 to 30 months for 75% to 90% of applicants.


Why Does It Take So Long to Obtain an Offshore Partner Visa for Sierra Leonean Citizens?

There are a few factors that contribute to this lengthy processing time:

  1. High volume of applications: The Australian Department of Home Affairs receives a large number of offshore partner visa applications every year, which can cause a backlog of applications that need to be processed. The backlog can lead to longer processing times for all applicants, including Sierra Leonean citizens.
  1. Stringent application requirements: The application requirements for an offshore partner visa are strict, and applicants must provide a significant amount of documentation to support their claim. This can take time to gather and organize, leading to longer processing times.
  1. Processing times for security checks: The Australian government conducts security checks on all visa applicants, which can add to the processing time. These checks can take longer for citizens of certain countries, including Sierra Leone, which can further delay the processing of their visa applications.
  1. Complexity of the visa application: The offshore partner visa application process can be complex, and applicants may require assistance in completing the application correctly. Errors or omissions can cause delays in processing the visa application.
  1. Changes in immigration policies: Changes in immigration policies or procedures can also contribute to longer processing times for visa applications. These changes can cause delays as the Australian Department of Home Affairs adjusts its processes to align with new policies.
  1. Availability of immigration staff: The availability of immigration staff can also impact the processing time of offshore partner visa applications. Staff shortages or high staff turnover can lead to delays in processing visa applications.


  1. Incomplete visa applications: Incomplete visa applications can lead to significant delays in processing times. Applicants may be required to submit additional documentation or information to support their application, which can further delay the processing of their visa application. It is essential to ensure that all necessary information and documentation are included in the visa application to avoid unnecessary delays.

We are very proud to announce that our migration practice, No Border Law, has been able to secure partner visa grants for Sierra Leonean applicants in just 6 months!

Through our strategic approach and extensive knowledge of migration law, we are able to streamline the process and reduce the waiting time for our clients.

Our success in obtaining Partner Visa Application Grants for these clients, in as little as 6 months has allowed our clients to reunite with their partners sooner, so begin building their new lives together.

In conclusion, while the processing time for an offshore Partner Visa Application Grant for subclass 309 can be lengthy, No Borders Law has proven that it’s possible to significantly reduce the waiting time.


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