Navigating the Partner Visa Application Process: Expert Tips and Insights

Applying for a partner visa can be a complex process, but it is an important step for those wishing to bring their loved ones to live with them in Australia. The partner visa allows an Australian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their partner to live with them in Australia. Here is a brief overview of the partner visa process and what you should be aware of when applying.

The partner visa application process can be divided into two stages: temporary and permanent.

The temporary partner visa (subclass 820) allows the applicant to stay in Australia for two years. After this period, the permanent partner visa (subclass 801) may be granted, which allows the applicant to live in Australia indefinitely.

The process of applying for a partner visa involves several steps.

  • Firstly, the Australian sponsor must submit a sponsorship application. After this, the applicant must submit their visa application, including documentation to prove their relationship with their sponsor. This may include evidence of shared financial commitments, living arrangements, and social activities. Additionally, health and character checks must be completed.
  • The waiting time for partner visa processing can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances and the number of applications received. Currently, the processing time for partner visa applications is approximately 20-25 months. However, this timeframe can be reduced if all documentation is provided correctly and promptly. It is important to be aware that this is a long process, and it can be emotionally challenging for couples who are separated during this time.
  • When applying for a partner visa, you must provide evidence of your relationship, there are other important documents that must be submitted with your partner visa application. These include certified copies of passports and birth certificates, evidence of English language proficiency, and police clearance certificates. It is also important to provide evidence of your financial situation, such as tax returns and employment contracts, to demonstrate that you can support yourself and your partner in Australia.
  • It is crucial to ensure that all documentation is provided correctly and promptly, as incomplete or incorrect information can delay the processing of your application or even lead to its rejection. That’s why it’s recommended to seek the assistance of an experienced migration law firm like No Borders Law Group to guide you through the process and help ensure that your application is successful.



  • It is also important to be aware that the Department of Home Affairs may request further information or documentation to support your application. It is important to respond to these requests promptly to ensure that your application is not delayed.

In conclusion, the partner visa application process can be a long and complex one, but it is worth it to be reunited with your loved ones. It is important to provide comprehensive documentation to support your application and respond promptly to requests from the Department of Home Affairs.

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