Love knows NoBorders: The case of successful granted Visas for Same-Sex Partners

In a world where love knows no borders, the journey of a same-sex couple’s migration triumph stands as a testament to the power of determination, authenticity, and professional guidance.

The journey was made possible with the dedicated support and expertise of NB Migration Law, which played a pivotal role in processing their visas successfully.

The couple’s tale unfolded when the main applicant, a 35-year-old Asian individual, crossed paths with their partner, a 70-year-old sponsor, during a solo vacation to Vietnam. Serendipity brought them together as the applicant happened to be the sponsor’s tour guide, and their connection was instant. Determined to forge a life together, they embarked on the intricate journey of migration, seeking the guidance of NB Migration Law.

With their visa application lodged in May 2019, the couple’s journey encountered a few challenges due to limited visible relationship evidence. As they were living discreetly, social acceptance and the acknowledgment of their relationship were not readily available. To bridge this gap, NB Migration Law provided a comprehensive checklist of legitimate relationship documents and engaged in regular discussions with the clients.


Based in Adelaide, the NB Migration Law team analysed the couple’s living arrangements and advised them to present substantial relationship evidence. This evidence was centered around four key factors that held paramount importance in the visa application process.


Factor 1: Financial Aspects of the Relationship

To substantiate the financial aspects of their partnership, the couple compiled a range of evidence, including joint loan agreements for significant investments, the operation of joint bank accounts, and shared financial commitments. The pooling of resources for substantial financial ventures, along with legally binding financial obligations, underscored their commitment to a shared financial future.


Factor 2: The Nature of the Household

The couple demonstrated the nature of their household by providing documents like joint ownership of residential property, shared residential leases, utility accounts in both names and correspondence addressed to both parties at the same address. Additionally, their shared responsibility for caregiving and housework responsibilities showcased the depth of their cohabitation.


Factor 3: Social Aspects of the Relationship

Highlighting the social dimension of their partnership, the couple secured declarations from various sources, including government bodies and interested parties. Statements from family, friends, and other supporters were gathered as statutory declarations, carrying substantial weight due to their legal nature. Their joint participation in activities, membership in organizations, and shared future plans served as compelling evidence of their genuine and lasting bond.


Factor 4: The Nature of the Commitment

The couple’s commitment was evaluated in terms of mutuality and long-term prospects. Their relationship’s duration, cohabitation period, emotional support, and future intentions were scrutinized. Their shared knowledge of each other’s personal circumstances and intentions for a long-term commitment were established through interviews and tangible evidence, such as being beneficiaries in each other’s wills and superannuation plans.


Permanent Partner Visa Granted Amidst Communication Gap

Two years later, despite not receiving communication from the department, NB Migration Law took proactive measures. They reached out to the department, requesting priority processing for the application. The result was swift and gratifying – the Permanent Partner visa was granted without further delay, solidifying their commitment and love.


This migration success story underscores the pivotal role that expert migration law assistance can play in achieving dreams.

For those seeking to embark on a similar journey with their partner, the dedicated team at NB Migration Law stands ready to provide comprehensive guidance and support.

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