Introducing culture to regional Australia

Australia is a multicultural country, however majority of the multicultural aspects of Australia remain within and surrounding the cities and coastal areas. In the regional areas of Australia you are hard pressed to find cultural events, shops, bilingual speakers and a diverse variety of authentic cuisines. Majority of Australian regional towns have smaller populations, are more widespread and the local industries are agricultural and mining based.

Stawell and Heywood in Victoria are just a couple of these regional towns in Australia, where cultural opportunities are hard to come by, making it difficult for language teachers to inspire their students. Luckily some very dedicated teachers in these areas are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their students have access to the cultural events and cuisines that those in the cities have. These teachers are travelling 3 or more hours to Melbourne with their students in order to eat a Chinese meal or attend Indonesian events. This dedication is needed in regional Australia and will hopefully continue to grow throughout regional Australia.

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