Integrity in Migration Law


1. Why are migration agents/lawyers needed?

For many people, English is not their first language, so it is almost impossible to navigate the visa process on their own. Almost all the Australian visa application forms are only available in English, and no assistance are offered to people using different languages. This creates a barrier to Australian Immigration system.

Even with good English skills, it remains a challenge for some people from completely different legal systems to understand visa requirements. This further prevents people from assessing Australian immigration system and creates the need for migration agents/lawyers.

It is important to do your research and make an informed choice on a trusted migration agent/ migration lawyer. No Borders Law Group are Australia’s #1 trusted migration agents and lawyers, who provide an honest service. To ensure you are not left confused or stressed with the migration process, place your trust in us and reach out to our team today!


2. Fraudulent conducts

Like everywhere, there is always a risk of scammers and fraudulent individuals looking to gain from others. Illegal providers of migration services will take the opportunity to engage in misconduct and cost you your hard-earned money by providing fraudulent advice. People with upcoming visa expiries or have limited visa options are most often susceptible to fraudulent providers of migration services.

A registered agent or licensed lawyer has a code of conduct to abide by, and they are bound by law not to take on cases they deem to have little or no prospect of success. No Borders Law Group pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty. We provide accurate advice to all clients and can confidently identify their best pathway options.


3. Requirements for Practice as an Immigration Solicitor

Aspiring lawyers must complete a recognised law degree, such as a Bachelor of Law. The second step is undertaking a supervised traineeship or completing a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, an additional qualification focusing on practical legal skills. Both the above qualifications and their equivalents are required for admission as a solicitor.

In Queensland, the penultimate step is to obtain the endorsement of the Legal Practitioners Admission Board (LPAB), attend an admission ceremony in the State’s or Territory’s Supreme court, and request a practising certificate from the relevant law society or institute. Each State and Territory has their own representative body which governs and issues practising certificates. A solicitor can undertake legal work only with a current practising certificate subject to annual renewal and the completion of continuing professional development activities.

Most solicitors will have satisfied the regulatory and licencing requirements required for practice at this stage. In migration, there is one minor additional step. Before providing immigration assistance to potential clients, the solicitor needs a Legal Practitioner Number (LPN) from the Department of Home Affairs. This identification number is crucial and must be included in visa applications lodged by a practitioner, in their capacity as a solicitor, on behalf of someone else.


4. Recommended steps before engaging migration services

  • Check your visa status and ensure you have sufficient time to prepare for your visa application. If you have limited time, advise your agent as soon as possible.
  • Check and confirm whether the migration agent/lawyer are registered.
  • Avoid business that do not have ABN/provide false documents/boast about connections with the government.
  • Go through the cost agreements carefully.
  • Do initial research for your visa options to avoid misleading advice.


5. Why should you engage with NB Migration Law?

We have been doing this for 24 years and we will help you find a way forward to visa process. We also offer free consultation to answer your initial visa inquiry and assess which pathway is the most suitable based on your circumstances. We pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty within the legal field. It is our mission to provide accurate advice to assist you with your migration journey.



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