How To Become an Australian Permanent Resident? 3 Most Common Visa types

How to become an Australian Permanent Resident?

There are more than 40 Australian Migrant visas which allow you to work and live in Australia permanently.

Here’s a quick look at some popular migrant visa categories:

In general, there are 3 main streamlined visa pathways to obtain permanent resident (PR) status.

Family-Based Permanent Residency

If you have an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident family member, you may be eligible to immigrate to Australia.


Migrant visas are available for:

  • Partners
  • Fiancé(e)s
  • Children
  • Dependent relatives
Family – stream permanent visa available for Partners, Fiancé, Children, Parent, Dependent relatives of PR or Australian citizens

Work-Based Permanent Residency

There are numerous paths to Australian permanent residency through the worker category.


Migrant worker categories can include following:

  • Employer Sponsored Visas. When an Australian employer sponsors a foreign national work in Australia.
  • General Skilled Migration. For people that are not sponsored by Australian employers but possess a skill valued in Australia.
  • State/Territory Nominated Visa;
  • Global Talent Visa.

Business Visa Permanent Residency

– Business or investment – stream permanent visa

Refugee and humanitarian visa

Outstanding benefits of Australian permanent residency and Australian citizenship.
(1) Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency
– Enjoy a high living standard in Australia
– Enroll in Australia’s national health scheme – Medicare
– Have access to Centrelink
– Rights to sponsor family members for permanent residency
– Free and subsidized education services at the public institutions
(2) Benefits of Australian citizenship:
Besides mentioned benefits, Australian citizens have other benefits such as
  • The right to vote,
  • The right to obtain Australia passport,
  • Joining the Army etc.

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