Hot tips when you got an Australian job interview online


Got an Australian job interview? 


Interviewing internationally and online is…different.  The truth is that virtual interviews don’t differ from in-person interviews too much. It’s just the medium that’s different – computer screen instead of face-to-face.


Want to know how to interview well in this format? Here are eight great tips we found on Forbes Magazine


1. Position yourself properly

Don’t sit too far away from the camera. This makes you appear smaller, which can send a subconscious message that you’re ‘less powerful, nervous, or otherwise disengaged’.


2. Eye Contact Look level

As during in-person interviews, strong eye contact is key. If you set up your camera at eye level, you’ll easily achieve it. Don’t position your camera too high or too low. Instead, use a desktop stand for your laptop or prop your webcam on a stack of books.


3. Light up Background

The interviewer wants to see you clearly. The worst thing you can do is sit with your back to a window or with a light behind you. Either of these will creates shadows and obscure your face. The best strategy is sitting facing a window with the curtains drawn open to let in natural light.


4. Smile

We tend to look at the people on our screens when meeting virtually because that’s what we do in person.

However, this is not the best strategy for virtual meetings.

Instead, look straight into the camera to connect with the rest of the people in the interview. It sounds silly but if you do this, you’re actually looking directly at the other attendees.


5. Don’t use virtual backgrounds

Zoom offers the option of using a virtual background, but you shouldn’t use it. The virtual backgrounds often glitch or pixelate. The interviewer might also regard your background as unprofessional! Rather stick to a neutral background.


6. Use a strong voice

When you’re interviewing online, you want to speak up and speak clearly to ensure that everyone heard and understood you correctly. Keep in mind that many of the non-verbal cues we rely on when speaking in person is not obvious or visible online.


7. Stay stable

Posture is everything! Don’t slouch or hunch over and don’t sway in your chair or fidget when you’re nervous. A bouncing chair is only going to serve as a distraction and that’s not something you want in an interview.

Instead, sit up straight, relax your shoulders and look straight into the camera. And smile!


8. Mute notifications

Deactivate all your desktop notifications before you start the interview. The ping of an incoming notification is going to be disrespectful to the interview and it’s going to distract you. You can catch up on conversations after the interview.


Here are practical tips for preparing for interview:

  • Make lists.  
  • Arrive at least two days before your interview.  
  • Pack more than one interview outfit.  
  • Take documents in double.  


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