Growing Australia

While the current debate happening in Australia is whether or not immigration numbers need to be reduced, the Australian Industry Group have weighed in saying that the debate should be over the skills shortages and infrastructure growth in Australia. By cutting the level of immigration in Australia, we will send a negative message to the world, saying we are “closed for business”, when what we really need is a greater highly skilled workforce to help grow our economy, education systems and infrastructure.

The lack of development outside the cities is causing crowding and making the employment market more competitive in those central areas. However, the regional areas of Australia lack the traffic and workforce to grow and encourage development. So rather than bickering about whether or not to cut immigration rates, the government should be focusing on expanding our cities outwards and improving the attractiveness of our regional areas, to accommodate for a growing population. Australia is a multicultural country, we always have been, so we shouldn’t be shutting our doors we should be redoing the carpets, to allow for a more sparsely populated and accommodating Australia.

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