Global Talent Visa (GTI) – Independent Program

Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program


What is the Global Talent Program?

The Australian Government is offering this program as a straightforward pathway to permanent residency in Australia for highly skilled professionals.


Target sectors for Global Talent Independent GTI visa

The program is aimed at job creation, innovation in seven specific sectors, these are:


· AgTech

· Space and Advanced Manufacturing

· FinTech

· Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT

·  Energy and Mining Technology

·  MedTech

·  Cyber Security


Am I eligible to apply for GTI visa ?

There are a number requirements to consider such as current qualifications, salary, age, and English proficiency to name a few.


Tertiary qualifications and experience

Applicants must show a high-level achievement both in their tertiary qualifications and professional working life. Given that tis visa stream offers permanent residency status upon grant, the applicant must have exceptional talent or outstanding achievement which must also be supported with the following:


Tertiary Qualification

Professional Experience

·  Masters or PhD which is closely related to one of the seven critical sectors

·  International recognition

·  Prominent experience in one of the above seven critical sectors


Salary requirement for the GTI visa


There is also a high-income requirement of AUD$153,600 to qualify for this program. However, the applicant only needs to show that they secure a position which offers at least the above on an annualised basis. Either a letter of employment offer or employment contract will need to be provided with the application to satisfy this requirement.


Age requirement for GTI visa 


Individuals of all ages can apply for this visa, however the optimal age bracket is between the age of 18 and 55. Applicants under 18 or above 55 must also prove they would offer a special benefit to Australia.


English requirement for GTI visa

English proficiency

All applicants above the age of 18 must have at lest functional English. At the time of this article, functional English means the following scores in an internationally recognised English language test:


Points Required Overall


PTE Academic


Cambridge (CAE)






It is possible to waive the language requirement with a AUD$5,000 charge if the applicant does not have the required language proficiency.


Australian nominator requirement for the GTI visa

Australian Sponsor

Only certain individuals or organisations are allowed to be a sponsor for the purposes of the global talent program. In every case, the sponsor must either be a business with its principal business operations located


What are the benefits of the Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program?

Eligible applicants will receive priority assessing above other permanent residency applicants from other visa streams. Additionally, permanent residency in Australia with access to public health care and the potential pathway to Australian citizenship.


How do I apply for Global Talent Independent GTI visa?

The application process, in broad terms, is a three-stage process. First, one must apply to receive a unique identifier from a Global Talent Officer of the Commonwealth Australia. Secondly, once an identifier has been secured the applicant must also secure an employer who will sponsor your application in one of the seven unique sectors.


Further Information about the Global Talent Independent Visa

The Government has increased the previous allocation of 5,000 to 15,000 positions for the 2020-21 financial year. According to the Department of Home Affairs, the allocations for the 2019-20 financial year were as follows:


Sector Name

Percentage of Allocations

Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science, ICT




Energy and Mining Technology




Space and Advanced Manufacturing







Due to the increased allocation for the current financial year, the above numbers or only indicative and should not be viewed as if an applicant with a cybersecurity specialisation has a reduced chance of securing a position under the program.


Application process for GTI visa 

To apply under the GTI program, applicants must go through two stages:

  1. Expression of Interest
  2. Visa application 

An expression of interest must be submitted online via the Department of Home Affairs webform.

If you are successful with this first stage, you will be provided with a unique GTI identifier and invited to submit a visa application.

Once this happens, you can then proceed to lodge a subclass 858 visa (No matter you are offshore or onshore). The Department of Home Affairs has recently set the Immi Account system up so that these applications can now be lodged via Immi Account.


Provided the strict criteria of this visa program, it is highly recommended that you seek advice about how the requirements apply to your personal circumstances. We at No Borders Migration has decades of experience in navigating the labyrinth of the Australian immigration system and would be happy to assist you with your application.


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