Employer Sponsorship Visa – 4 Requirements for Employers


Australia’s skilled migration program is essential for allowing employers to fill skill shortages by employing migrant workers. The program enables Australian businesses to source skilled employees from overseas where they cannot source appropriately skilled workers locally. However, there are some key criteria that employers must satisfy in order to apply to be a valid business sponsor.


Elibiglity of Employer Sponsorship Visa


The eligibility of an employer sponsor can depend on several things including:

  • The location of your workplace;
  • The type of workplace;
  • Prospective business growth and financial capacity; and
  • The position itself.


Any legally established and operating Australian business can apply to be a sponsor. The process involved in sponsoring a migrant worker can be quite complicated, so we have laid out key aspects of the application process that you should consider when applying to become a business sponsor.


The location of your workplace


Your business can be located anywhere in Australia. However, there are some visa types that are tailored specifically to businesses operating in a designated regional area. These regional concessions are designed to stimulate the economy and support the job market in designated areas that lack specific skills.


The type of workplace


The employer must be able to demonstrate that they are a legitimate, legally operating workplace. In doing so, the business must offer a reasonable, market salary rate according to the occupation, with a mandatory minimum salary of $53,900 pa. Usually, the business must also be able to demonstrate that they have not been able to find a suitable Australian worker and will need to declare information regarding any Australian equivalent worker. It can also assist the application if it can be clearly demonstrated that the workplace is operating in the critical sector in the midst of the recovery from the covid-19 pandemic.


Business growth and financial capacity


The business must be able to demonstrate that they have the financial capacity to take on the new employee. To demonstrate this, the business should provide financial documents demonstrating the annual turnover of the business, as well as any relevant letters in support of their financial capacity. The business must also contribute to the Skilling Australian Fund by paying the required levy managed by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. The purpose of this levy is for employers to contribute to the broader skills development of the Australian community. The contribution you make as a business to the Skilling Australia Fund will depend on the annual turnover of the business itself.


The position itself


For employer-sponsored positions, the nominated occupation must also be one of the occupations specified as being in demand in the Australian labour market by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. To be eligible for those positions, the prospective employee must also be able to demonstrate that they have the relevant Australian registration, licenses and certificates required, as well as the level of qualification and experienced necessary for the occupation.


Further to this, the business must be able to demonstrate that they have a genuine need for an employee working in the nominated occupation, and the employee must be able to satisfy the Department’s strict age and English competency requirements.



In summary, there are several things that can go wrong when sponsoring a migrant worker. Engaging the services of a professional can ensure that both you and your prospective employee can satisfy the Department’s criteria. It also gives you more protection in the case that any adverse information known by relevant government authorities comes up in your application. With the help of the team at No Borders, you can ensure the skills shortage in your business is filled as seamlessly and expediently as possible.


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