Convert your overseas qualifications

Australia is welcoming more skilled migrants – arrivals with tertiary qualifications have almost doubled since 2001.

But a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report shows only 40 per cent manage to continue working in their professional field.

When a lack of local experience and qualifications becomes a hurdle to getting a job – what assistance is on offer?

Here are the 3 steps to assess overseas qualifications:

1. Skills and Qualifications Assessment

Qualifications assessments are run through government Overseas Qualifications units. To find a suitable authority consult the Department of Training and Education in your state or territory.

2. Overseas Qualification Recognition

Many organisations assess overseas qualifications in Australia. Why you need your overseas qualification assessed will determine which organisation you need to contact. You may need your overseas qualification assessed for employment, study, or to migrate to Australia.

3. Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL tools are run by education institutions or private providers. For example, the Queensland Government’s self-assessment tool helps to check qualifications prior to RPL.

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