Time to Give & Time to Love

It seems as if it were just yesterday that we celebrated the New Year, followed by Easter of 2015, its now Christmas Eve and the year of 2016 is just on the horizon.

Some of us might have come from Europe, whom perhaps have missed their white Christmas – making snowmen with friends, brothers, sisters and cousins in sub zero temperatures. Some of us might have come from Asia – missing the rush hour in shopping centres and the gathering in the heart of the city, regardless if they are Christian or non-Christian.

Some of us might have come from the safari of Africa, surrounded by the wilderness and blessed by the close encounter with nature.

But we are all here now, in a peaceful land – Australia. There is only a scorching hot Christmas here, sometimes accompanied by a random storm for the festive season. Most importantly it comes with a community that has a big warm heart to help us through the storm that is our life.

So let us bring the loved ones closer to share the joyous feelings and to say the words “I Love You”!

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