Australian Visa Changes From July 1 2022

Making the news recently was the list of changes and updates to Australian visas starting in July 2022. Visas are constantly evolving and changing, and the No Borders Law Group is here to help you through what is new and how it affects current and future visas.

Great news for Temporary Skill Shortage visa holders on Short Terms Skills List. As a big ‘thank you’ for staying in Australia over the pandemic, visa 482 holders might be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence, using the Temporary Residence Transition stream of the ENS subclass 186. If you have been in Australia for at least 12 months in the last 2 years, meet the 186 requirements and are working for an employer sponsoring your Temporary Skill Shortage visa, this is for you. This option is available for the next 2 years. This change will also help get many more skilled workers into the labour market.

Extension of the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa subclass 457. While this visa was set to end last year, anyone who is still on a 457 visa or applied for one before 18 April 2017 is still eligible. This allows 457 visa holders a clearer path to permanent residence.

New rules for the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) ‘Graduate Work’ stream. Home Affairs have waived the requirement for a skills assessment and also the requirement to nominate an occupation in the application. However, the applicant must still meet other requirements, such as the ‘Australian study requirement’ (at least 2 years of full-time study in Australia).

Huge working holiday visas quota increase. The Australian Government is increasing the visa quota by 30% compared to the previous year. Skilled workers from eligible partner countries are all welcome through this program.

Visa application prices rise for sponsored, visit and skilled streams. Most fees have gone up around 3% while the Visitor Visa has gone up $10. This is consistent with the current Australian CPI.

Other Updates:

  • Italian and Danish visa seekers age limit has increased from 30 to 35
  • Student studying on a Visa (subclass 500) wanting to change courses into critical technology must now get permission from the Minister of Home Affairs (condition 8208).
  • From July 1 there is an increase in the Fair Work High Income threshold from $158,500 to $162,000.
  • Australian citizen application are now only accepted in AUD
  • Job Ready Skills Assessment has been simplified. The four step process is now three.

This is a simplified list of changes effective 1st of July 2022. For a more comprehensive explanation of any of the affected visas please reach out to the No Borders Law Group.

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