Australian Visa Application Fee increases 2020

With the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, chances of relocating to Australia are growing slimmer. However, efforts to contain the disease in different parts of the globe are slowly beginning to bear fruit. Before the year ends, we hope things will have regained normality so that we can embark on relocation.

While we look forward to serenity after the disease subsides, the visa application fee is expected to soar higher in the coming days. And so what? You need to make your application as soon as possible. Well, the application fee is up already, but it’s not far from what we normally pay. However, with the Corona-virus driven economic dip, we expect a higher fee than this.

Here’s why you should hurry to apply for your visa this year.


New Immigration Rules

Apart from devastating the economy, the novel Corona-virus has negatively impacted immigration activities. With every country trying to control the spread of the deadly virus, we expect immigration rules to tighten more than ever before. So far, so good, international travel has been frozen, and people are encouraged to stay in their home countries. We only expect the rules to become more strict as the situation gets worse.

In case you’re planning to relocate abroad, you better start making your visa application before it gets out of hand. Of course, we already have new rules in place, but they might get tighter in case the situation persists. You can check with an immigration agent to check what’s new and start your application right away. 

Most countries have closed their borders right now, but you can make your application to get ready once things get back to normal. Even so, we expect the visa application fee to go up in July. Nevertheless, they might not be as high as such.


Covid-19 Australian Immigration Updates

It’s important to note that owing to the COVID-19 pandemic; there are a few changes in the immigration department that are to be effected immediately. If you’re planning to relocate to Australia, then you should get to know of these changes.




In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian government has introduced temporary visa arrangements that support Australia’s public health measures. The Temporary Activity (subclass 408) Australian Government Endorsed Event (AGEE) stream visa has been launched to take care of the extraordinary circumstances that have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the measures are temporary will be adjusted accordingly as soon as the pandemic ends.

So, who is eligible for the COVID-19 pandemic event visa?

The visa is available to those who are in Australia and those unable to travel back to their countries due to the pandemic. Other people eligible for this visa include:

  • Those who have 28 days or less remaining on their current visa or, where their temporary visa expired less than 28 days ago.
  • Anyone who is not eligible for any other visa based on their intended activities.
  • Those who have evidence from their employer they’ve got ongoing work in a critical sector.

Australian citizens and permanent residents are not eligible for this visa. 


Updates On Border Restrictions

Australia is closing its borders to all non-citizens and non-residents. Therefore, those planning to relocate might have to wait until the pandemic subsides. Those who are waiting to be issued with Australian visas may have to wait longer than they expected. The entry ban was implemented on March 20, 2020, and is to remain in place until further notice. 

However, there are some exemptions to these travel restrictions. Australian citizens, permanent residents, and their immediate family can still make their way to Australia and are exempt from travel restrictions. Regarding this, immediate family applies to spouses, dependents, and legal guardians. However, they still need to apply for a visa to make their way into Australia.

During visa application, one should provide proof such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, or birth certificate of children. However, if you’re allowed to travel to Australia at this time, you’ll be required to self-isolate at home or in a hotel. 


Current Visa Pricing

The current visa application fee depends on the purpose of travel. While travel restrictions might bar you from making your way to Australia, you can still live your dream after the pandemic. Even so, you should know that visa application cost changes from time to time, and more so during the period of the pandemic. We expect the application fee to rise in July, and you should get ready for this. 

Usually, the amount you pay for visa application depends on the date the immigration department receives your application. In case the price increases between the day you lodge your application and the day the immigration department receives your application, you’ll have to pay the new application fee. Therefore, always ensure you have enough funds to take care of the difference. 

The current visa pricing was last updated in December 2019. While we’ve had a few adjustments in between, the rates haven’t changed much. To work out the price of your visa, you can visit the immigration portal to check the visa application fee that applies to each category. Better still, you can lodge your application through an immigration agent.


Visa Application Fees Increase In 2020?

Well, with travel restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we expected visa application fees to increase around July 2020. So far so good, the rates haven’t changed, but things could change in the coming months around July. For those who would like to take advantage of current visa charges, it’s time to lodge your application through an immigration agent.



Are you planning to apply for a visa? Well, it’s time to tap the opportunity while it lasts. The Visa application fee is set to increase in the coming days. See your immigration agent for the latest updates on the charges.


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