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Upcoming Immigration Changes:  Migration Numbers And Study Australia Updates

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, it has resulted in substantial changes in the international education industry.


Data provided by the Department of Education Skills and Employment shows that comparing 2019 to 2020, there is an increase of 60,870 deferments of courses among students due to compassionate and compelling grounds. This is understandable as due to COVID-19 border restrictions; many students are unable to return to Australia to continue their studies.


A vast number of students in Higher Education has deferred their studies. Comparing 2019 and 2020, an increase of approximately 34,171 students deferring their courses has been observed. Around 10,791 students postponed VET course. This is an increase of 4,073 students compared to last year. For schools’ students,  2,190 students deferred in the first quarter of the year, increasing deferrals to 1,938 compared to 2019.


Student Visa Australia (Subclass 500)

Of the 60,780 deferred students in the YTD May 2020, around 7,355 (12%) had resumed studying. Another 58 % had deferred their start date to the later half of 2020, and around 22% had either deferred their studies to 2021 or had not yet choose a start date. Data also showed that students who had deferred to the second half of 2020 might opt to study online or delay their studies even further.


Australian Migration Numbers

In October, the government is expected to announce migration number changes in the budget. There are signs suggesting that there will be significant cuts to the 2020/21 migration program due to COVID-19.


The outcomes of the 2019/20 migration program can be seen as following:

In 2019/20, the number of permanent residency intake was 140,366. Below is a breakdown of the visas issued:

95,843 visas were issued under skilled stream.

41,961 visas were issued under the family stream.

81 visas were issued under special eligibility.

2,481 visas were issued under child visa.


Australia Immigration – Skilled Stream

The skilled stream compromised of the following:

Employer Sponsored – 29,261

Skilled Independent – 12,986

Regional Employer Sponsored – 8,372

Regional Skilled Work – 15,000

State/Territory Nominated – 21,495

Business Innovation and Investment – 4,420

Global Talent – 4,109

Distinguished Talent – 200


Australia Visa – Family Stream

The family stream includes:

Partner – 37,118

Parent – 4,399

Other Family – 444


Humanitarian Program

Under the 2019/20 humanitarian program 13,171 intake were granted. The breakdown of the number is as follow:

Refugee category visas – 6,422

Special Humanitarian Program visas – 5,099

Onshore visas – 1,650


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