Australia to introduce new multiple entry and fast track visas

A three year multiple entry visa will be introduced for low immigration risk nationals from India, Thailand, Vietnam and Chile and a user pays visitor visa fast track service for citizens of India and the United Arab Emirates.

Visa application charges will increase revenue by $79.4 million, with this increase mainly due to an expected increase in visa applications while total income for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will be increased by $740.8 million, taking the total to $17.4 billion.

From 01 July 2017 New Zealand citizens will be able to access a streamlined pathway to permanent residence if they were an Australian resident on 19 January 2016. They have to have to have lived in Australia for at least five years and earned income above the TSMIT threshold of $53,000 over the period

Meanwhile, the cost of an Australia passport will increase next year by $20 to $274 and the priority processing fee will rise by $54 to $181. The Government said this measure will raise $172.9 million over four years from 2016/2017, which will be used to help offset the increased cost of providing consular services and fund policy priorities.

It was also announced that airports will be charged a fee to provide premium border clearance services for international passengers, starting at Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

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