Australia Partner Visa Processing Time – Why You Should Lodge a Partner Visa Now


Partner Visa Australia

he Department of Home Affairs have recently announced their intention to process an increased number of partner visas throughout 2021. A planning level of 72,000 has been allocated for the remainder of 2021 as the Department seeks to reduce the overwhelming number of partner visas currently in the backlog. This is positive news for those who are awaiting the outcome of their partner visa or for those who are intending to lodge a partner visa application within the near future.


How to Get Your Partner Visa Granted Faster 

In light of this announcement, partner visa applicants should ensure that they have provided all of the required information for approval including health and police clearances. This will ensure that the Department can process the application immediately and will prevent the need for a “Request for More Information” which will further delay the approval of an application.


This announcement comes at no surprise as the family migration program has become the subject of a recent Senate enquiry to examine the extreme delays within this division of Australia’s migration program. The result could see an immediate increase in the number of partner visa approvals and a faster processing time, presenting an ideal opportunity to lodge a partner visa application in response to this announcement.


Partner Visa Requirements and Eligibility in Australia

As the Department is urging applicants to ensure that their application is ‘decision ready’, No Borders Migration will ensure that your application is fully substantiated with all of the required evidence and information. This will not only ensure higher prospects of success, but will significantly accelerate the processing time, saving you potentially months in waiting times.


With years of experience and a leading success rate, our immigration lawyers and migration agents will take care of your matter from start to finish to ensure that your partner visa application is approved without the stress or delays. We’ve worked with thousands of partner visas and understand exactly what is required and how to present it.


What is the Australian Partner Visa?

The Australian partner visa program allows applicants to be sponsored by their Australian or New Zealand partners or spouses. Once approved, the applicant gets to live in Australia temporarily as they seek a permanent partner visa.


Benefits of Australian Partner Visa

The partner visa, once granted, lets a spouse, fiancé, or long-term domestic partner (de facto partner) stay in Australia with their sweetheart.


Apart from being able to live with loved ones, all types of partner visa holders have full work rights in Australia. Further, their dependents have full work and study rights in Australia. However, partner visas and their benefits can be cancelled when the relationship breaks down.


How No Borders Migration Can Help you Apply Australian Partner Visa

In our experience, the partner visa is one of the most heavily scrutinised visas within the Australian migration program and must therefore be carefully constructed to ensure a positive outcome. We use our knowledge and client-centric approach to provide you with a thorough yet effortless journey towards receiving your partner visa approval.


As the Department is now committed to the processing of 72,000 partner visas this year alone, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and lodge your partner visa application sooner rather than later.


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