Another Successful AAT appeal for a Partner Visa Refusal


NB Migration Law (No Borders Law Group) has many successful stories in AAT appeals for the visa refusal decisions, and we are proud of it!

In a recent successful appeal at AAT of a long-running difficult partner visa refusal case based on the domestic violence claims, the client married the sponsor in Australia in 2011 and applied for a partner visa in 2012. Her temporary partner visa subclass 820 was granted in 2014 and her permanent visa subclass 801 was refused in 2015 because the sponsorship was withdrawn.

Her first AAT appeal was not successful as the AAT determined that there was no genuine relationship existed, consequently, her claims of domestic violence were not considered. She lodged her first Federal Circuit Court appeal which was successful. At her second AAT appeal, she raised domestic violence claims, but the AAT affirmed the decision to refuse her partner visa application as it was found that the genuine relationship did not exist before the domestic violence occurred, and her retrospective claims of suffering from domestic violence from her husband were not credible.

No Borders lawyers assisted her to appeal at the Federal Circuit Court for the second time appeared by an experienced counsel, and it was successful.

The client’s third AAT appeal was a great succuss as our Principal Lawyer Cindy Zhao focused on the evidence of the genuine relationship and explained the reasons of her retrospective claims of DV, providing crucial evidence and witness accounts with extensive legal submissions to ensure the success of the appeal. It was exciting and rewarding to see this long-standing appeal saga has come to the end successfully, and the client finally received a permanent partner visa subclass 801 after 10 years of her first partner visa application.

Throughout our 25 years’ experience in migration practice, No Borders (NB Migration Law) has delivered a great number of successful outcomes in all types of visa applications, and particularly in AAT merit reviews to our clients. Our experienced migration lawyers are capable to handle the most complex and difficult cases and achieve the desirable outcomes for our clients.

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