Alleged Visa Scam

A man who allegedly duped dozens of migrants into paying for non-existent working visas has been arrested by the Australian Federal Police.

Abel Prasad of SVC Legal Australia allegedly ripped off unsuspecting migrants, mostly international students, by promising jobs with one of his companies and then supplying bogus visas.

Most of Prasad’s companies exist only in name and there are no jobs.

Prasad has been extradited to South Australia where he will face 23 charges relating to GST fraud.

Prasad, who was living in Brisbane, denied any wrongdoing.

According to the head of the Migrants Alliance, the peak body for migration agents, Mr Prasad has allegedly scammed at least 20 people.

Indian student Jaspal Marok alleged that he handed Prasad his life-savings of $17,000 on the promise of a visa and job with a salary of $65,000 at one of Prasad’s companies, Snappy Digital only to subsequently be handed a forged visa from Prasad’s business.

Chinese student Ashley Chen, alleged that he paid Prasad $41,000 for a job and the promise of a visa within ’24 hours’. When no visa arrived, Mr Chen alleged that his enquiries on the matter were met by threats from Prasad.

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