7 Reasons why You should Migrate to Darwin

Why do people move to Darwin, and why do they choose to stay? 


Research into population trends by Charles Darwin University’s Northern Institute found work brought people to the Territory. Following are more reasons why you should choose Darwin.


Winter will never arrive in Darwin

If you enjoy living in a tropical climate, then you’ll definitely love Darwin. It’s located so close to the equator, and the weather is warm all year round. Darwin only has two seasons: the wet season and the dry season.


Shortage of skilled workers

There are plenty of job opportunities for non-Australians in Northern Australia. The Northern Territory has a Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA). This means there are more jobs accepted to be sponsored by employers than in any other state.

The Northern Territory (NT) Government also have a Northern Territory skilled occupation priority list (NTSOPL) for jobs in high demand or that are critical to the local economy and industry.


Hot Property

Many houses in Darwin are traditional elevated homes with louvered windows and ceiling fans to enable tropical breezes to flow through. Large outdoor living areas, verandas, decking and swimming pools are also common and gardens are lush, tropical paradises.


Plenty of Employment and Career Opportunities

Darwin also boasts one of the highest employment rates in Australia, making it ideal for students to find a job. In fact, the Northern Territory is the fastest growing economy in Australia due to our rich natural and mineral resources, agriculture and tourism. There is a constant high demand for skilled and qualified workers in business, engineering, IT, tourism and hospitality, health, education, communications and the public services sector.


When it comes to graduates specifically, the outlook is increasingly positive across the nation, with ‘71.8% of bachelor’s degree graduates finding full-time employment after graduating in 2017, up from the recent low of 68.1% in 2014’. The most recent Graduate Outcomes Survey (published by the Social Research Centre) confirms that, in 2017, ‘71.8 percent of undergraduates were in full-time employment four months after completing their degree’.


Key resource: use the Northern Territory Government’s website The Territory to learn more about finding employment in the Top End. Use its employee portal to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a worker, and what you can expect in terms of pay, working conditions, and more.


Multicultural environment

The Northern Territory is home to many multicultural community groups and services. In Darwin, people celebrate multiculturalism and there are lots of communities and clubs to connect with people of similar backgrounds. The city hosts Darwin Waterfront Harmony Soiree, on an annual basis, celebrating the Northern Territory’s cultural richness. Cultural performances, stalls, and activities such as lantern competitions, a lantern flotilla release and an epic fireworks finale can be seen at work at one of the city’s many art galleries. The nearby Tiwi Islands and the famous Milimika Festival, “a festival of art, dance, music and…football” can win everybody.


Absolute beautiful landscape 

Every Australian will tell you the same thing: the Northern Territory is like nowhere else. In Darwin, you’ll be able to explore wondrous stretches of desert, towering natural monoliths, swimming holes and absolutely incredible natural sights like the breathtaking Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge, world-famous UluruKakadu National Park and the Karlu Karlu Devil’s Marbles. 


NT State Sponsorship

Onshore NT GSM nomination applications are now open.

Onshore applications for Northern Territory nomination under the General Skilled Migration program can now be lodged.

Applicants must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria for nomination prior to applying. This criteria will be strictly applied.


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