4 Reasons to Apply for a Partner Visa and Seeking Partner Visa Help



Partner Visas in Australia enable de facto or married (same or opposite sex) couples to enter and remain in Australia with their partner. If you are in a committed, genuine relationship with a non-Australian and you are an Australian Citizen, Australian permanent resident, an eligible New Zealand Citizen, there are several options for you and your de facto or spouse under the partner visa program.


No Borders Migration Agents registered team of Migration Agents and Lawyers based nationally and internationally are experts in Australian partner (spouse) and de facto visas. They can assist with determining your eligibility for a partner visa in a professional and timely and cost-effective manner. We have helped many clients with the preparation of partner and de facto visa applications that meet the requirements of the Department of Home Affair’s (DOHA).



Here are the five reasons why you should apply for a Partner visa now;



Access To Medicare


To apply for a partner visa will further mean that applicants are eligible to enrol in Medicare as an application for permanent residency in Australia has been made. Applicants need only provide the following to establish their eligibility to enrol in Medicare: 

  • acknowledgement of application received issued by the Department of Home Affairs 
  • bridging visa A grant notification issued by the Department of Home Affairs
  • passport 


The acknowledgment of application received, and bridging visa A grant notification are automatically issued to an applicant’s migration agent once the application has been lodged. The migration agent will then forward these documents to the applicant, which will allow them to immediately enrol in Medicare and access the many benefits provided by the Australian health care system.



One Visa Application Charge 


An application for a partner visa is for both the temporary and the permanent visa at the same time, meaning applicants pay only one government visa application charge for the two applications. In certain circumstances, applicants can be granted the permanent visa immediately after the temporary visa depending on the nature of your relationship at the time of lodgement. A registered migration agent can provide Partner visa help for applicants on their eligibility to be granted the permanent visa together with the temporary visa as this will only occur if specific criteria are met when the application is lodged. It is essential to seek partner visa help with an application if you are unsure as a migration agent may recognise that you are immediately eligible for the permanent visa, which can reduce the waiting time by months.



Unlimited Work Rights 


To apply for a partner visa onshore in Australia provides many benefits for applicants, particularly the ability to work unrestricted. Once the application for a partner visa has been made, you will be issued a bridging visa A which grants applicants unlimited work rights. To apply for a partner visa means that you are not limited in your selection of employers, nor must you comply with any obligations regarding your duration of employment. This is especially significant for those nearing the expiry of their temporary work visas which must comply with specific conditions requiring them to only work in their nominated occupation for which the visa was granted. The bridging A visa issued from a partner visa application does not impose the same obligations and applicants are not restricted in their choice of employment. This provides applicants with significant flexibility and allows you to experience the enriching and diverse working culture of Australia with no limit on your right to work. 



Secure and Reliable 


To apply for a partner visa is a reassuring and reliable method of securing your permanent residence in Australia as it allows applicants to live and work in Australia while their application is being processed. There is no obligation for applicants to leave the country at any time, nor are they required to comply with any study or work obligations but are instead afforded the freedom to live and work in Australia as they chose. At the same time, they await the decision of their permanent residency application. 


Being able to apply for partner visa provides security and certainty for applicants as they need not depend on the performance of their employer to remain sponsored nor are they subject to the same visa conditions as other temporary residents of Australia. Applicants for a partner visa can be reassured that they will stay on their bridging visa A until their application is processed and provides a secure and reliable pathway to permanent residence. 



Requirements to Apply for a Partner Visa


  • You are onshore in Australia when you apply for this visa.
  • You are onshore in Australia when your Partner visa granted.
  • Pay the one government visa application for the temporary and permanent visa
  • Abide by all legal criteria stipulated under Australian law.
  • Continue to meet the partner visa criteria two years after lodgement 
  • Undertake relevant health examinations (your migrant agent will advise when this is necessary) 
  • Obtain the essential police clearances from any country in which you have lived for 12 months or more during the past ten years (your migration agent will again advise when this is necessary) 


The importance of obtaining help for your partner visa from an experienced migrant agent can save you not only a lot of stress and time but also money. What applicants may not realise is that many of the required documents for a partner visa application come with an expiry date, and to avoid unnecessary costs in reorganising the same documents, it is best to consult a migration to assist you with your timing. 


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