Recently, we celebrated No Borders Migration’s 20th Anniversary with a trip to Fiji. Everyone had a blast. We got a great sense of the Fijian culture, went sailing, golfing, and got some much needed relaxation. It was a great chance to get the whole team together, which doesn’t happen often with 4 offices across the country. The team participated in workshops to ensure we are constantly improving our services for the benefit of our clients.

No Borders has a strong link to the island nation of Fiji, with this being our third trip to the county. Over 20 years our Director, Agnes Kemenes, has made numerous personal donations, as well as donations from our team, to causes such as the Tropical Cyclone Winston Appeal.

It was a trip full of laughter and happiness, which allowed us as a team to strengthen our relationships to conquer our client’s problems back in Australia.

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