10 Big Reasons Why You Should Get An Australian Business Investment and Innovation Visa

  1. Live Happy – Voted number 2 in the world
  2. Stability – Stable economic growth year after year
  3. Safety – Australia has a very low crime rate
  4. Health – One of the best health care systems in the world
  5. Education – A wide range of options for all the family
  6. Weather – Mainly sunny but wet around the edges
  7. Lifestyle & Culture – Its mainly sun, surf and sand with a bit of snow
  8. Geography – Awesome beaches, rainforests, rivers and the outback.
  9. Space – Room for a big house and space for a family to grow.
  10. Great work/life balance – That pretty much sums it up

Australia is sometimes referred to as ‘The Lucky Country’ – thanks to the 1964 book by Donald Hume of the same title. Many of the reasons Hume called Australia ’Lucky’ all those years ago are still in effect today and continue to help draw business investor interest from across the globe. Right now, Department Ministers and large Australian businesses are crying out for more innovation and influence from international business partners. The Australian government wants to grant more 188 and 888 visas into the country and help propel Australia forward after the pandemic.


Here are 10 reasons why Australia Business Innovation and Investment visas are the perfect choice for individuals and their families:

1. Live Happy – Australia ranks number 2 as the best county to live in the world list and the second happiest country in the world by the United Nations Human Development Index and the Wall street Journal respectively. Investors can find peace and comfort for themselves, their partners, and their families in Australia. 


2. Stability – compared to other developed countries Australia’s average economic growth over the last 30 years is consistent and stable, seeing roughly 3.3% economic growth annually. Helping fuel this is the population growth that Australia enjoys at roughly 1.3% annually, which is helped with Global Talent and Business Investor visas. Democratic elections are run every four years and governments transition peacefully. So with a stable economy comes a generally satisfied and safe society. 


3. Safety – While Australia does have the odd venomous spider or snake, it is a very safe country to live in with low levels of crime and a strong police force. Australia’s crime rate is far below the countries in the Americas and in Africa. Australia has less crime than, the US, the UK and many European countries. Note that while Australia has many of the most venomous snakes in the world it only reports a couple of deaths each year thanks to a strong health care system.


4. Health – The health care system in Australia is one of the best in the world, voted number 6 on the CEOWorld Magazine’s Health Care Index. Just behind South Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Austria and Japan but ahead of France, the UK and the USA. It even took COVID a while to make it down under. Australia has world class sanitation and plenty of clean drinking water.  When looking at Australian Business visas rest assured accompanying family members will be well looked after.


5. Education – Australia is blessed with an abundance of teaching institutions and a high standard of basic education. Many surveys measuring education by country place Australia comfortably in the top 10.  Business Investors and their families will have access to some of the best scholars and learning institutions in the world. 


6. Weather – It is well known that Australia is the driest continent on the planet but it gets plenty of rain around the coasts too. Much of the Australian culture focuses on getting out into nature and there is lots of beautiful sunny weather to back it up. If it rains too much where you live, jump on a business visa, and get on over to Australia!


7. Lifestyle & Culture – Camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, surfing and scuba diving… it’s all possible in Australia. In the summertime beaches are teeming with sun, surf and sand hunters, especially on the weekends and during school holidays. Campsites are packed over every long weekend and the Great Barrier Reef is an amazing place to snorkel. 


8. Geography – There are snow fields, deserts, rainforests and most importantly beaches. All the major cities in Australia are found on the coasts which makes it possible to work in the CBD and have a swim in the surf after clocking off. Australian beaches make up a big part of Australia’s identity.


9. Space – Australia is one of the least densely populated countries on the planet. While most citizens live along the coastlines, there is a lot of room everywhere else. Business Investors who dream of owning a large house and lots of land close to major cities can achieve it in Australia.


10. Great Work/Life Balance – As mentioned above, Australia has wonderful warm weather overlooking many beautiful sandy beaches, with some just a small distance from major cities. Combine that with employment opportunities, education and health, economic stability, social satisfaction and overall happiness and Australia is hard to beat as a place to invest and enjoy with your family.


Australia ‘the Lucky Country’ is looking to become world leaders in digitech, renewable energy, agri-food, AgTech, defence and space over the next 10 years and can’t get there without help from Business Investment and Innovation Visas and Global Talent Visas.


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