Partner Visa Changes

Partner Visa Changes

New partner Visa Changes Ahead (2019)

Did you know that you can become eligible for a partner visa if you are in a genuine committed relationship with an Australian Citizen? With this Visa, you can get yourself a permanent residence in Australia. Currently, no age or income restrictions currently apply to partner visa and recently in the month of December 2018, a new legislation was enacted by the Australian government that changed the process of applying for such Visa.

The current process

It is necessary for the partners to apply for the visa together, either outside or within Australia. The law will require production of proof regarding genuineness of the relationship, along with a copy of work history, travel history, police checks and residence history of the partners. The authenticity of the relationship will be scrutinized by the authorities and the history of the person overseas will be analyzed to determine if the partners are eligible to obtain such Visa. Once the process is complete, the partners can apply for a bridging visa, with which, they will be able to take up residence in Australia, work and study within the continent as well.


New partner Visa Changes 2019

The changed process

As per the amendments in the existing rules, it will now become pertinent for the Australian partner to be approved as a sponsor before a person from outside may apply for such visa. The processing time for the visa approval is no less than 22 months at the least. The said time is expected to increase due to the introduction of this new step. The step has been enacted with a view to restrict Australian sponsors, with an existing history of family violence, into luring potential applicants into a relationship and drawing them to Australia. At the same time, the new laws will also restrict partners, who tend to commit a crime or display signs of violence, into luring Australians and sponsor them.

At this stage, the exact operation of the law for partner visa Australia cannot be clearly explained since it was due to come into effect completely. As long as the government might be engaged in the process of sponsor application scrutiny, existing immigrants into Australia, whose Visa is about to expire, might have to leave the country. Similarly, if the sponsor’s application is under review, people cannot apply for a a partner visa from overseas or from onshore. This put a heavy burden on the visa applicants. 

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