Health examination changes for temporary Visa Applicants

This is to ensure that the Applicants meets the health requirement. In some situations, non-migrating members of the family may also be required to undertake health examinations.


The requirement of a health examination will be dependent on the type of visa you apply for.

Temporary measures have recently been implemented for temporary visa applicants – that is to meet the health requirements, temporary visa applicants do not have to to undergo health examinations and chest x-rays on the basis of their nationality, prior residence and proposed duration of stay. These measures are temporary and will be reviewed in 2023.

These measures only apply to Applicants who are currently in Australia and for the following visa subclasses:

– Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity) (Sc 401)

– Temporary Work International Relations (Sc 403)

– Investor Retirement (Sc405)

– Training (Sc 407)

– Temporary Activity (Sc 408)

– Retirement (Sc 410)

– Working Holiday (Sc 417 and Sc 462)

– New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Sc 461)

– Skilled Recognised Graduate (sc 476)

– Temporary Skill Shortage (Sc 482)

– Temporary Graduate (Sc 485)

– Student (Sc 500)

– Student Guardian (Sc 590)

– Visitor (Sc 600)

– Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (Sc 870)

– Diplomatic (Temporary) (Sc 995)

Offshore Applicants applying for the temporary visas will still be required to undergo health examinations.

Onshore temporary visa Applicants will only need to undergo health examinations in one of the following circumstances:

– The Applicant has applied for medical treatment, temporary protection or a provisional visa;

– The Applicant expects to incur medical costs or need medical treatment;

– The Applicant intends to work as (or study to be) a doctor, dentist, nurse or paramedic;

– The Applicant will enter a hospital, aged or disability care facility (if higher tuberculosis risk);

– The Applicant is pregnant and intending to have the baby in Australia;

– The Applicant will work or train at an Australian childcare centre;

– For a visitor visa – if the Applicant is aged over 75 years;

– Have had previous household contact with tuberculosis; or

– The Department has requested a medical examination.

Therefore, if you have made an appointment for a medical examination with Bupa and have not yet attended your appointment, Bupa may contact you to cancel your appointment. Applicants should not contact Bupa to cancel appointments. If you have not been advised that your appointment has been cancelled, you should still attend your appointment.


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