Exemptions to the Travel Ban to Australia


Immediate Family Member

The Department of Home Affairs will only recognise an applicant as an immediate family member if they are a spouse, de facto partner, a dependent child or legal guardian of an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Applicants must provide documentary evidence in support of their relationship to the relevant Australian citizen or permanent resident and the type of evidence will vary depending on the nature of the relationship claimed.

If you are unsure on the documentation required to establish your relationship, it is advised that you contact a registered migration agent to assist you in providing the correct information to allow you the greatest opportunity possible to successfully obtain a waiver.


Temporary Visa Holders

If you currently hold one of the following visas, you may travel to Australia and will not be required to request an exemption:

  • Partner (subclasses 100, 309, 801, 820) visa
  • Child (subclasses 101, 102, 445) visa

You must hold a valid visa to enter Australia so ensure that hold or have applied for a visa to Australia before you request an exemption to the travel ban.


Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances

If you do not fall within any of the above categories, you may still be eligible to travel to Australia on the basis of compassionate and compelling circumstances. This will be assessed on a case-by-base basis and you will generally need to demonstrate that the circumstances are beyond your control and present a strong need for you to be in Australia. For more information on this exemption, it is recommended that you contact a migration agent for advice on your eligibility under this ground and how to best meet the required threshold to be granted this waiver.


One client of No Borders was recently successful in receiving a waiver of the current travel ban within 7 days of making the application.

If you too believe that you may be eligible to request an exemption of the current travel ban, please contact No Borders Migration and speak to a registered migration agent for assistance on this process.


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