2032 Olympic Games : Top 3 benefits for Brisbane 

Given all the enthusiasm, what effect would hosting the 2032 Olympic Games mean to Brisbane and Queensland?  If we wereif it were to host the game and would it really be worth it? 


Economic boost 

Hosting the 2032 Queensland Olympics would greatly support Brisbane and other regional locations in Queensland by stimulating economic recovery and creating thousands of jobs for locals in the state.  

The State Government predicts that  hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games will result in billions of dollars worth of economic growth and an increase in job availability for the next 20 years. 

A Value Proposition Assessment has been released ahead of a top-level leadership meeting of key partners in Brisbane. 

A Government study has predicted that the Olympics could: 

  • Produce approximately $8.6 billion in increased export opportunities. 
  • Result in quantifiable economic benefits of approximately $7.4 billion. 
  • Result in an increase of $20.2 billion in international tourist expenditure. 
  • A range of unquantifiable community and health benefits including increased participation in sport and volunteering; and 
  • Utilise the existing 80 per cent of infrastructure which already exists or maybe delivered through temporary solutions. 

The report also points to the creation of 130,000 direct jobs including 10,000 in the Games year and also tens of thousands of indirect jobs. 


Increased infrastructure and transport 

A mega sporting event provides a platform to leverage and grow local technology to support infrastructure and services. From a transport perspective, major events can be used as leverage to prioritise funding that will fast-track major infrastructure projects. Long lasting benefits of 2032 Olympics would include the creation of new infrastructure. In addition, the increased transport n can continue to be used or repurposed for South East Queensland (SEQ) residents after the game. 


Strong Community Sense Building 

Community pride and connection is highly likely to enhance between Brisbane, Gold Coast, the SEQ region, state, territory and Australia as a direct result of hosting the Olympic Ganmes. In addition, the Olympics Games invoke a sense of community amongst all when local business and residents are actively involved in co-creating the event. Businesses and government partnerships are also expected to grow and strengthen through unification around a common mission, centred upon generation of positive economic impact. Hosting the Games could also create an opportunity for governments to develop longer-term planning which results in broader social goals aimed at sustainability, equity, and diversity. In addition, hosting the game can crease civic pride, community health and wellbeing benefits, and subsequently an enhanced quality of life – in the form of improved public transport and sporting facilities. Athletes from host cities receive a lot of focus in the lead-up to an Olympic Games, which means Brisbane, and even the whole SEQ region could get a lot of companies and sponsors who want to be involved in sport. Hosting the Olympic Games can also enhance collaboration between the national body and state and territory partners. 


2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games – Value Proposition Assessment https://www.premiers.qld.gov.au/publications/categories/reports/assets/2032-olympic-paralympic-games-vpa.pdf 


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