Eugen Schledewitz

Eugen is a seasoned online project manager and Chief Information Officer at NoBorders Law Group. He has been with the company since 2008, and with a passion for technology, Eugen has led the digital transformation of NoBorders Law Group. Back by a Bachelor of Computer Science & Media from Stuttgart Media University, he brings a wide range of skills including web development, print and web design, digital marketing, IT systems, data analysis, budgeting, business operations, server management, and network engineering.

Core to Eugens’ role is leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance our customer experience. Eugen’s expertise lies in designing and customising systems, ensuring that NoBorders Law Group stays at the forefront of the latest technology to provide secure and efficient support to our team and clients. As technology rapidly changes, Eugen oversees adapting our systems and processes to ensure we deliver results and stay ahead of the curve as the business landscape changes.

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